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March 22nd, 2011

Rdg: U.S. Military Intervention in Libya Costing Taxpayers Millions http://flne.ws/26587978 on Fluent News

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Just unboxed the ‘ole blue & white Yosemite G3 & an extra HUGE 6 GB hard drive in our garage. Favored tools of the digital stone age.

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RT @joycevalenza: Survey Says! Join the Crowdsource Revolution! Have a Say in our Family Feud! http://bit.ly/h9XBVh

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RT @RSHartley Son away at college survives w/out TV or cable. Watches only what he wants via Internet. Asked if he wanted a new TV, said no!

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@scitechyEDU I haven’t done much homework yet on Hulu compatible players but need to!

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@mgerbrick excellent! A night of creativity is time well spent :-)

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@RSHartley that’s pretty amazing but also heartening! Definitely a sign of the changing times!

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SharedHope Sex sells, driving demand through the roof. Remember, people are worth more than a price tag! -> http://bit.ly/fZEvfW

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Central Oklahoma Human Trafficking Conference April 13th in OKC. http://ow.ly/4k0C7 Sponsored by @OATHCoalition - important advocacy issue!

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New post: Moderate comments on a Posterous Blog http://bit.ly/gBNsef

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@mramidon I’m looking at the AppleTV closely and we may go with it… I’ve wanted to setup local streaming/playback from a media server

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pre-service teacher / student reflections & experiences like this using Scratch make my day! http://ow.ly/4jVoK

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@sringsmuth @jessATosu I left a comment: The Book Bench: Why Is the U.S. Government Interested in Storytelling? http://nyr.kr/fGbadB

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@scitechyEDU sweet! What are you going to use for your Hulu player on your TV?

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@mramidon With the iPad2 supporting mirroring that could work, tho I think MobiTV is iPhone-only, maybe for that reason…

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@DustinJohnson21 I definitely will. It is going to be an interesting experiment. My wife will miss our DVR - going to explore options 4that

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Great post! RT @scratchteam @andresmh how remixing in Scratch supports incremental intelligence mindset http://j.mp/hX4IUg by @benchun

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The Tron project is a great - amazingly complex scripts! http://ow.ly/4jQK2

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@sringsmuth (actually he was a year ahead of me, so he’s a fellow grad but not classmate)

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@sringsmuth thanks so much for that link. Interestingly, one of my best friends / USAFA classmates is at DARPA now working that project!

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@scratchteam Is there a common hashtag to use when sharing projects created with Scratch?

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@digitalst indeed. I find the headache comes much faster with binge digital content consumption :-)

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@snappity I didn’t know HGTV played free on a @RokuPlayer - good info! Right now we watch Netflix on our Wii, but need a Hulu option…

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@mramidon @Luke1946 There are pay per view Internet options like MobiTV, I used that in Dec to watch the KSU bowl game http://ow.ly/4jPYM

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@Luke1946 Right - but our family is not into watching live sports enough to justify the cost at this point…

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@Luke1946 Well, at this point bandwidth for a home Internet connection isn’t metered like it is for cell phones. Maybe that will change…

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@mramidon We are going to check out Hulu. Not sure what we’ll do sports-wise. Other than college football I’m not a huge fan, so we’ll see..

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@Allanahk Yes, the older VGA cable I’d bought with my iPad1 works with my iPad2, except now ALL content is mirrored out! :-)

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An SPSS book I ordered from Amazon arrived today, it shipped from http://www.sellbackyourb…

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Just cancelled our DishTV service- we’re going to try Internet-only / Netflix / other TV/video options (no cable)

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Quite ironic “One Nation Under Blog: Forget the Facts. Believe What I Say!” isn’t available on Kindle yet http://ow.ly/4jMJl

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Rdg: Can Tech Transcend the Textbook? http://bit.ly/gd3B0g via @mcleod

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new post: iPhone Tethering, Cellular Bandwidth Consumption, & the Home / School Internet Access Divide http://ow.ly/4jKDH

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I agree! “Small schools are less likely to lose sight of their purpose…” http://flpbd.it/1VB9 via @anderscj

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@edventures absolutely. VGA out support is the #1 thing I’m excited about for the iPad2 :-)

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my VGA out cable works like a CHAMPION on my iPad2, connected to my Tandberg @TelePresence H.323 unit - woo hoo!

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I added @NASA_EO to my Twitter list for Astronauts - LOVE viewing this stream with @Flipboard http://ow.ly/4jBmh

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ISS_Research Did you catch the image an astronaut’s point of view of Milan at night from ISS? See more via @NASA_EO: http://1.usa.gov/eABWzn

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@fraserspeirs An extra battery certainly comes in handy using the personal hotspot feature - big battery drain!

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Installed plugin for CommentLuv today on Learning Signs. Not sure if it can work with Disqus tho. Anyone know? http://ow.ly/4jACY

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@Taml17 I haven’t tried Pulse for awhile - tried it when it came out. That’s the one Stanford students created, right?

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@coolcatteacher thanks :-) I was fortunate the organizers of eTech Ohio in ’09 shared their professional photos w/me! http://ow.ly/4jAss

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Nice geo-map / wikipedia mashup! RT @GuyKawasaki A history of the world in 100 seconds [video] http://is.gd/UOqtgD

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