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March 23rd, 2011

masterteacher New post: Leading Change and Herding Cats

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Most signs in Lowe’s Home Improvement stores in Oklahoma are in Spanish & EnglPict

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I don’t think an educational computer lab can be considered modern or adequate to meet ISTE Nets when IE7 is the only permitted browser :-(

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I’m missing resources at UNT. Only 4 Flip cameras to check out for my UCO classes which have 25 students each. Last term we had a set of 15.

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@courosa I don’t think so, they have the machines totally locked down. I’d much prefer an open lab environment running deepfreeze…

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@ndavidovics I’m pretty sure I’ll be using the iPad2’s VGA out/mirroring capability every week whenever I teach and demo iOS apps

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It’s frustrating when an educational computer lab, running WinXP, has all “RIGHTclicking” disabled. That’s like running a race w/1 leg.

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audio lecturecasts from today’s Tech 4 Teachers classes are available (topic: &aruse)

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@RSHartley my 7 year old tried Singing Fingers on my iPhone for the 1st time yesterday & really liked it :-)

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@darinrking the iPad2 is definitely a big step forward with the included cameras - still not as powerful/capable as a laptop tho

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My iPad2 w/ VGA adapter worked GREAT in T4T class today demonstrating apps for Tumblr and ColorSplash!

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@kentbrooks yep - the speed increase we all felt moving to 3.5” floppies was great… and DUAL floppies? Who had that much $$$?

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@shareski thanks for sharing via Google Reader that GREAT post by @kathycassidy :-)

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Student-created video helping “turn on the lights” of understanding: Making Video, But No Faces Allowed by @kathycassidy

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