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March 30th, 2011

RT @GaylordCollege: Blackwell just mentioned excellent research report by @Homahota & @nativepublicmedia http://flpbd.it/vvWN

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RT @DahlD: 2nd graders post new thinking stems. Would love comments! http://bit.ly/hZMser Thank you so much!

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RT @ittosde: Useful Bookmarklets for your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Browser http://ff.im/-A7sns

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RT @TParks: Timezones, Video Chats, and Edmodo, Oh My! http://bit.ly/i3qKxD My classroom experience in @rockourworld global collab project

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Stopping for a late dinner enroute to Gadsten from Birmingham (@ Applebees) [pic]: http://4sq.com/edadtz

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@HP_Edu yes, definitely!

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I love this marketing campaign by CARE: “I am powerful.” An extremely important belief for us all. http://twitpic.com/4f5scp

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bobsprankle Google chooses Kansas City, Kan., to get first ultra-fast broadband network http://bit.ly/epmY01 (via @news360app)

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DisneyPixar 25 years of Pixar, 1 fan video, and over a million thanks to audiences all over the world… http://youtu.be/XBH1dcHo…

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edutopia @pixar Happy 25th Anniversary frm your friends @edutopia! This video on Randy Nelson is still very popular: http://bit.ly/aVdJ6v.

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@GingerTPLC so are you going to change your TwitterID after the school year is over?

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Awesome clickable map of Google Tools aligned to Bloom’s Taxonomy by @kathyschrock http://ow.ly/4pYnx

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congerjan @brooker1015 take a look at what Kathy Schrock’s been up to: http://kathyschrock.net/…! Love it!!!

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New post: Spots available for April 2011 Storychasers Workshops http://bit.ly/hJWS5W

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RT @storychasers Spots are available for workshops in MidDel OK Apr 7-8, Lubbock TX Apr 18-19, & Manhattan KS Apr 21-22! http://ow.ly/4pW9e

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@audreywatters wow that is a GREAT idea! I haven’t ever worked with Lego Mindstorms or WeDo robots yet - I need to!!!

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jennymoon 26 Hours until Edutech 2011 and keynote @wfryer! Looking forward to the afternoon. Check out the Schedule. http://bit.ly/gX2WWS

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@CookseyConnects Great to meet you at the Houston airport & chat ab@storychaserssers & Celebrate Texas Voices! :-) http://ow.ly/4pVFS

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I’m going to share this Virtual Corgi project with my 7 year old who wants to make her own pet simulation game! http://ow.ly/4pGJy

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It’s Flip Video Scavenger Hunt / Contest day in Technology 4 Teachers at UCO! http://ow.ly/4psMH

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correction: Doceri Remote DESKTOP version is NOT free ($50) http://ow.ly/4poU9 (iOS version is but requires desktop too)

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