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May 8th, 2011

@EllBillofRights thanks for sharing that link! Very important clarifications…

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@tgalvez I will… I took a bunch of notes this weekend reading http://www.newcultureofl… & am sharing ture

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inspired by I just registered a new domain for $12. I may change the title of a forthcoming book…

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Rdg: The amazing truth about PISA scores: USA beats Western Europe, ties with Asia via @EllBillofRights

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when learners create they create personal context p94

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expertise = knowing where to locate and how to evaluate information p93

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the key to authentic learning is asking good questions! p81

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My addition to p76: Microsoft Encarta is dead!

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making knowledge stable in a changing world is an unwinnable game p46

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YouTube in 2007 consumed more bandwidth than the entire Internet in 2000 p41

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memorization is not a bad way to learn about things that seldom change

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the 21st century is about embracing change, not fighting it

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Good read on Connected Principals: “The Finland Phenomenon: Learning from the new Tony Wagner film”

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I like this recc: Photo Wall Lite (create photo collages & share them with family & friends) via Apptivities

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iPodsibilities “4 Ways Mobile Tech Is Improving Education”

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iPodsibilities Anyone tried this yet? “Scene Speak for iPad”

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TheDeptHQ Think Different: The Unconference Learning Experience | EdReach…

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@mjgormans thanks for the feedback! Learning inside & outside the classroom is certainly more interesting with media producing students! :-)

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@zacworkun thanks - I got the Tumblr iOS app to work by unchecking the option to let others reply. Strange!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms on Twitter & Facebook! Thanks for all you do! :-)

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Anyone else having trouble with the iOS app for Tumblr crashing / failing to post new photos? Ideas for a workaround?

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Woo hoo - we’re back in OKC where it’s warm & sunny! (@ Will Rogers Airport (OKC) w/ 3 others)

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@dreambition you are most welcome - credit for the “imagineering the classroom” phrase

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new podcast on Fuel for Educational Change Agents: 2011 TechForum Chicago Keynote

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Rdg: Publishers’ choice: Will the iPad be the hero or villain of the comic book industry?

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@staffdevjnkie the iRig mic I purchased is ‘just’ a mic - they have another model tho that I think does allow instrument input

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@mrnichol the iRig mic fits in the iPad standard headphone jack / port

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@drezac No, we didn’t make it there, unfortunately. Maybe next trip. Thanks for that recc tho!

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@I_teach_ICT sort of, it was the link to pass through airport security at Chicago’s Midway airport :-)

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New post: Podcast378: The EdReach Media Network - Empowering Educator Voices Worldwide

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my remixed paraphrase: He’s a kid, not a test score

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And so it begins… (Homeland Security waiting games)

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