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May 16th, 2011

CLykowski The Bully Project

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New post: Praise for Audible’s iOS App and Kevin Kelly

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@brueckj23 congrats to you! That is super news. Good luck!

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@ratzelster I read that in Kevin Kelly’s post… So sad. We need to find an end to our endless war in Afghanistan :-(

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My dinner and media consumption / sharing break in Weatherford, OK is over- time for the last leg home on I-40! :-)

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Rdg: The disgraceful interrogation of L.A. school librarians via @ChrisParadise (this really is terrible!)

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Too often educators ask “Which shiny device should I buy?” rather than “What tools can best meet our learning goals?”

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(Your school have a student tech support team yet?) When students are in charge of maintaining the computers in schools

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Add this to your list of “to watch online” videos: Cops

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Rdg Catch-21 (thoughtful call to think critically about claims of 21st century skills)

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Rdg interview w/ OECD’s Andreas Schleicher about PISA scores & needed changes to US teacher…3XJh @jasonglassiassIA

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Great NYT article about Iowa learners using backchannels in the classroom (gasp!) via @DanielLFrazier

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JanetBarresi Wonderful news. Congrats to OKC for new Teach for America program -

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rmbyrne New post: Power Paths - Snag Learning Film of the Week

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web20classroom RT @kylepace: Failure is an Option: Helping Students Learn from Mistakes

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khuttner you know you are in an awesome district when they drop the internet filter for the whole district just so your kids can do an interview.

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naomiharm Co-facilitated presentation w/ @woscholar and @NHarm of 21st century eportfolios & authentic assessment: class=”hashtag” rel=”search” href=”//”>#tltechforumorum

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Restrapo looks like a great documentary about our ongoing war in Afghanistan, streams on @netflix via @kevin2kelly

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@danlovejoy I’m overjoyed to have finally gotten to this point!

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@juliemcleod thanks! I’ll write a post about it soon… Not a lot of research out there yet on phonecasting…

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@brueckj23 it went very well… I got the green light to do my study! :-)

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@kunami10 I am going to do my final defense in late July & I will share pieces before then :-)

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@GoGoKabongo rest stop 60 miles east of Amarillo :-)

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There is no such thing as a “chicken knife” (clever ad slogan for Montana Mikes steaks)

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Just learned the educational videoconferencing position with Cisco for which I interviewed a few weeks ago was offered to another applicant

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There be snakes in them weeds out ‘thar!

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What could be better than Fuzzy’s Tacos to celebrate a successful dissertation proposal defense?! [pic]:

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@gdahlby thanks! I will definitely be sharing! :-)

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@sjciske wow! That was quite a lot of stress to handle at one time! Thanks for your encouragement :-)

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@taaz23 thanks! I’m quite relieved to be at this point at last. Lots more writing and work to do this summer :-)

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@Psyclist well, my slides were more visual / presentation Zen like than usual I think… But they were ok with it

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My dissertation proposal went well & I have approval from my committee to move forward :-)

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My dissertation proposal defense @TexasTech starts at 10am CST today. I’m excited & nervous! :-)

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Photo: 135/365/2011 Fortify, Love, Open & Worsoligns…

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