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May 24th, 2011

New post: Working with Free eBooks on Kindle for iPad NOT from

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mcleod Just responded to @teachpaperless What are 5 most important qualities of a 21st century school leader?

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@johnpeters it was a wild evening for sure - thanks for checking :-)

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It is incredible (& great) to see how advanced technology lets storm trackers zoom to street viPict

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Kudos to our OKC meteorologists for making early predictions of this tornado outbreak. @OKCPS let students out early on last day of school

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@JennyMoon @ronhoutman @snappity thanks! We are all safe, sun has come back out. Lots of weather still moving east tho :-(

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@dkuropatwa we are good,looks like all the bad stuff has passed us by. The line of storms is well defined, hopefully the excitement is over!

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Tornado south of OKC heading into south Norman, appeared to be roping out but still going

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Dramatic live photo of tornado on the ground south of OKC, headed toward Noble

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@jimwenz it will certainly be a night to remember! Glad we dined together last night :-)

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Live video shot of tornado south of OKC near Noble, via KFOR News 4

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suckzone Just missed seeing a big wedge. :( Still early yet.

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RT @kathyschrock: My son is stormchasing there [in OKC] right now (@suckzone) Stay safe!

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@dkuropatwa yes - unfortunately it looks like that one may stay on the ground awhile :-(

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This is how we storm track in Oklahoma: Estimated times 4 tornado arrival if track & speed continPict

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Storm tracking of tornado on the ground in Chickasha, tracking NW toward Moore

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@teach42 we are ready to tuck heads if needed! For now we’re ok tho :-)

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@dkuropatwa watch the tornado on the ground in Chickasha - hopefully it will pull up soon, it’s moving toward SW metro of OKC

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@articulatebrian yes, watching that one too. Looks like it’s going to track to Moore like the May 3rd tornado did. South of us.

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@dkuropatwa yes, we are all good. Sorry you’re here for this. Stay near a shelter, watch TV. Our stormtrackers are the best in the world.

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@glovely I’m at home with my family in NW Oklahoma City, just north of The Village

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Another supercell is forming west of OKC & could spawn a tornado. We are ready to go into our saferoom if needed. Wild night in Oklahoma!

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Tornados are on the ground near us, but first one is missing us just NW of OKC heading to Guthrie

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Miracles happen! I got our van in our garage in advance of the possible hail storm tonight in OKC

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Slick - I love it! RT @EasyBib: EasyBib’s new mobile app available FREE video demo:

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@janetpbj here is the article link (mind v concept maps)

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masterteacher New post: USB Cable Extension Options for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

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Good article on mind maps vs concept maps via @roygrubb

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