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May 25th, 2011

Just bought the reportedly revolutionary ebook “Our Choice” for iPad by Al Gore. Curious to read/experience it ($5)

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Great article! Rdg: The Paradox of Multiple Goldilocks Zones or “Did the Universe Know We Were Coming?”


Astro_Ron Another great spacewalk today by Drew + @AstroIronMike Here’s a px of Drew hanging on top of the world

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Fav mortarboard design by 2011 @OKCPS Classen SAS grad: Definitely the Star Wars Rebel Alliance logo!

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2011 @OKCPS Classen SAS graduates have earned a combined $6.5 million in scholarships - Wow! (about 120 students)

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Outstanding team guitar performance by ClassenSAS @OKCPS students at graduation! Wonderful talent!

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“Spend more time looking into the faces of those you love rather than your smartphone” Elise Gordon ’11 VPA Valedictorian ClassenSAS @OKCPS

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“Each day do at least one thing that scares you” -Elise Gordon, 2011 VPA Valedictorian of Classen SAS @OKCPS

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Advice to @OKCPS Classen SAS grads by @jariaskins: Stay curious, Be a lifelong learner! (panoramic photo)

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Now listening to @OKCPS Classen SAS graduation speaker @jariaskins

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Lots of very creative mortarboard top designs by @OKCPS ClassenSAS students - great individuality!

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Classen orchestra playing at graduation (Alex is the 4th trombone on the right, behind the bass)

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Banner of the mighty Classen Comets of @OKCPS

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Cool! Tumblr blogs support phonecasting! Via @coolcatteacher A Beginner’s Guide to Tumblr

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@coolcatteacher Why should I try an app like Book Crawler instead of a cloud-based service like Goodreads?

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@raysadad I’ve just started to see them in convenience stores in OKC the last month… Don’t know how “new” the idea is…

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GaylordCollege RT @bobbikay: How Social Media Is Changing Disasters Like The Joplin Tornado | Cindy W. Morrison:

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@DahlD my sense is yes, but it depends on your specialization & focus. Good luck with your transition!

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M_W RT @pmonies: The Oklahoman moves to “Netflix” pricing model for print, digital packages

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alicebarr Getting ready for Sir Ken Robinson

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@gmbondi we’d love to facilitate a @storychasers workshop for you in B.C. :-)

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The @OKCPS AV folks should have provided closed captioning for the non-Vietnamese & non-Spanish speaking attendees (NW Classen Graduation)

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Lots of air horns in use for Northwest Classen graduation!

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Graduation ceremony for Northwest Classen @OKCPS is wrapping up. Lots of Purple Pride here!

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Local newspapers like this make The National Enquirer seem like top shelf literature

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I’m at Big Truck Tacos (528 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City)

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Alex is dressed all in black tonight, he’s playing in the Classen SAS @OKCPS band for tonight’s graduation. He looks like a Jedi padawan!

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storychasers 880 videos are on the Celebrate Oklahoma Voices learning community! Check out 5 featured videos from Kenwood teachers

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@articulatebrian Yes, all ok from last night’s storms. Thanks :-)

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@jenwagner thanks so much! It was a crazy night. The son of a church staff member my wife works with lost his home in Piedmont :-(

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@gibsonsgolfer Ugh, I didn’t see that. I saw they have 3 different $5 “in app” upgrades too. More $$$. Great idea for a visual cookbook tho

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New post: Storychasing in the Heart of Oklahoma Cherokee Country

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Wow - I love the Photo Cookbook app for very simple, clever & powerful app idea leveraging visual media

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Very cool marketing: Our Apple Store in OKC is now using locked iPads as interactive product signage

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Consumer Reports ranks Apple laptops first via @CNN

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today in @OKCPS: Classen SAS is Hogwarts School of Advanced Witchcraft & WizardPict

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