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May 31st, 2011

New post: Media Literacy & Critical Thinking Test: Water Mountaineering

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Interesting rumor: iOS 5 share to a new Twitter Photo sharing service coming next week?

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Funny in a big brother sense: MacBook thief’s photo now on a dedicated Tumblr blog, still wanted & at large @mashableable

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Rdg about scan & match: Sounds like a winning strategy for iTunes in the cloud! More iCloud Details Emerge

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1st case of Mac malware in the wild I’ve ever read: Apple security update targets MacDefender malware (fixed via update)

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Rdg: Google Graduates 3 Gmail Labs Features

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RT @gwidianto: Google’s Eric Schmidt: We Just Renewed Maps Partnership With Apple

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Passionate, fantastic post: I Believe. You? by @budtheteacher

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@joedale Thanks, I hadn’t heard of Myna from Aviary for musical creativity!

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@michellek107 thanks for the tip, I’ll check out JamStudio online! I’m always interested in cloud-based browser options!

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MixCraft 5 appears to currently be the most “GarageBand-like” software program available for Windows users. Other reccs?

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smartinez what are you doing the sunday before ? how about some “hard fun”? Constructivist Celebration

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The English WikiPedia’s page comparing different video editing software programs is helpful

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storychasers 10 new videos (most about Ralls) have been approved on Celebrate Texas Voices!

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