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June 1st, 2011

@SafinaN @chrislehmann I haven’t played a game of ultimate since my knee injury landed me in the hospital for arthoscopic surgery. I miss it

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@RdngTeach yes, well injuries can definitely come with the territory. I love the game, definitely don’t like the injuries :-(

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@jmalphy It’s a great sport to learn - so easy to start a pick up game!

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new post: TalkWithMedia.com is now PlayingWithMedia.com http://ow.ly/58cr9

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schneiderb RT @rkiker: Sign up for the Geo Teachers Institute http://bit.ly/mLiHJR

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drezac Success Stories: Charting a Foreign Language Course with Google MyMaps tech.district30.org/?p=806 via @ED_You

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RT @bcahrens: I missed Google Scribe. I like it, its like typing on my cell phone. http://j.mp/jMeM6D

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@chrislehmann like soccer, far less equipment required for ultimate frisbee than ice hockey!

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@chrislehmann I love ultimate frisbee too! Unfortunately I injured a knee years ago playing it - as a sport, fast paced like ice hockey!

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mscofino Sharing my (very basic) showcase portfolio blog assign w/@betchaboy’s teachers: http://bit.ly/jG8ERE Samples from 6C: http://bit.ly/gvCmRr

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knightofgood Sad to see @usedgov and Duncan perpetuate the manufactured crisis that Berliner and Biddle wrote about way back in 1991. @skrashen

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@TParks I think that is a VERY good idea. We need to get a similar foundation to underwrite support I think

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@ittosde @TParks I don’t think she uses Twitter… Yet. :-)

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mireyamayor Never underestimate the value of being nice.

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New post: Nebraska Loves Our Public Schools: Educational Advocacy We Need! http://bit.ly/jgWbpN

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@BethStill what is the direct link to the video about your school?!

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@kristinlukow Thanks SO much for sharing your story on the @NElovesPS video about your classroom & school! Inspirational! http://ow.ly/583Vi

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@NElovesPS Your leadership team ROCKS. We need more advocacy around the country like yours. Interested in doing a podcast to share ideas?

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@markbarnes19 sounds great! I’m enthused to be going to this year too, I missed last year in Denver. See you in the blogger’s cafe?

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@dbergm1194k yes, the price of CNG relative to gasoline at this point is HUGE. That could change, of course… @pickensplan seeks change

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boonepickens The Saudi’s understand - when will we?? Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal on oil pricing concerns. http://on.wsj.com/jV4QRN @WSJ @CNN

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@BethStill I saw the Facebook page link to @NElovesPS on your blog - LOVE this site & idea. Thinking we need a similar effort in Oklahoma

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I’m delighted my “Simple Ideas for Powerful Sharing” BYOL session at is now ‘sold out’ - 124 registered! http://ow.ly/582Fx

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I’m a real big fan of @Hotwire for hotel deals. Got my hotel with it. I’ve been using it quite a bit lately for travel.

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@joebjr yes, the trackback was how I found the post. Interesting. A compliment to be copied and translated like that, I guess! :-)

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@mattdix We have a fair # of compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations now in the Oklahoma City area. The trick is getting a CNG car!

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@dbergm1194k CNG = Compressed Natural Gas. About $1.30 per gallon right now :-) http://ow.ly/582tR

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Just finished making my travel arrangements. Whew! Decided not to take Sarah tho. :-( Maybe next year in San Diego!

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Wishing my car drank CNG instead of gasoline today :-( http://twitpic.com/55j0p8

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1st time to see this: A scrape blog with full Spanish translation of a post, including my original screenshots http://ow.ly/57DnM

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@Dragon09 Don’t sweat it. Millions of malware threats for Windows users vs 1 for Mac users? No comparison. We still live the good life.

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Rdg: Need Your Help: Making the ISTE Newbie Lounge a Success http://j.mp/klA6QL

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