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June 2nd, 2011

Rdg: American Educational ‘Deform’ is Doing Everything Wrong

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Rachel’s note to the Tooth Fairy tonight:

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masterteacher New post: Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences for Staff

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Must-read article: Will kids blackmail teachers over standardized test scores? (when will this madness end?!)

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Rdg: How To Build An iPad Teleprompter For Under $5

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mcleod Right Tools Unleash Creativity on an iPad

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Great, inspiring collaborative music project http://playingforchange…. via Doug Noon

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YouTube adds @creativecommons licensed B-Roll footage option for its online video editor via @TParks:…

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Amazing photo of Muachu Picchu: Via Fotopedia Heritage

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New post: Spirit of Oklahoma Storytelling Festival: June 3-4, 2011 @TerritoryTeller

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@ittosde it was great to catch up— I’ll see you next at !

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@jungjungswamp thanks. I heartily agree. We need more advocates for public education speaking out today

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storychasers 16 new student videos have been shared on Celebrate Texas Voices since May 20th! Way to go Texas storychasers!

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@dmantz7 excellent, can’t wait to see them!

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RT @joycevalenza: How The Library of Congress is building on twitter archive

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RT @balongm @ianchia: Hey Kids, Build Your Own Video Games With Stencyl Very similar to

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RT @karlyb @steve8071 check…. Also, try Splice app for a free option. iMovie also would work great!

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New post: Oklahoma Educators: Become a Storychaser at OSU June 23-24, 2011

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googlemaps @lifehacker Thanks for the tweet and article! We’re excited for people to check out the features in the Google Maps Lab.

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Just applied for the 26-27 Sept 2011 Google Geo Teachers Institute in Lewiston, Maine!

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Great reminders & suggestions on using secure passwords for different sites @bcahrensre#ogle

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@ittosde it’s a great space (@okcCoCo) for so many reasons - @jed introduced it to me a couple of years ago

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GREAT collection of digital literacy basics video tutorials on http://www.teachparentst…

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Photo: 152/365/2011 Bluetooth Magic Home Phone…

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Haven’t been here to work in awhile. I want my home office to look this cool! [pic]:

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@chrislehmann OK, I’ve needed to plan a visit to SLA for years now… perhaps when I finally do, we’ll work in a game of ultimate :-)

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@mcduffiec thanks for the recc, I’ll check it out and consider adding it :-)

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Out of 2.8 million hits, a search for ‘oklahoma gang threat’ still turns up my 2006 post. Still getting comments there

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just sent Facebook request to join group: SOS —Oklahoma — Save Our Schools March

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