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June 18th, 2011

@IanYorston she has a gmail account my wife & I help supervise, but I think it’s fine to hold off on FB… Stakes are higher

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@IanYorston If I only have 2 more years to meaningfully influence her life, we are all probably in a lot of trouble

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@IanYorston it’s entirely possible she’ll ignore me when she’s 13, but I pray she will.

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@LParisi good for you both… We are following suit using blogs now but holding off of FB. It’s hardest when close friends get a FB early…

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@thebenreynolds have you ever made a digital story about your great aunt who was on the last Oregon Trail wagon train?

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@thebenreynolds we have an “open device” family policy too… And she’s an honest kid. So I think we’ll be ok. But she is sad about it now

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@thebenreynolds lots of conversations. She has lots of encouragement to use media & other social tools.

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@mjmontagne I hadn’t thought about our wireless bill being comparable to a car payment, but you are exactly right. How sad is that…

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@RogerWhaley glad to know I’m in good company :-)

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Just learned about the block building / survival / indie game http://www.minecraft.net from my 16 year old gamer cousin (has free version)

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Rdg:10 Apps to Get Students Really Writing: http://j.mp/l6ED7F

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Performance 6 of 8 of 101 Dalmations! (@ Poteet Theatre) [pic]: http://4sq.com/lRXWwF

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Great set of video tutorials for creating your own Lego stopmotion films (brickfilms) http://ow.ly/5l0sh via my son :-)

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For $130 iRadar turns an iPhone into an advanced radar detector http://ow.ly/1tTHhq http://twitpic.com/5dg7ch

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I’m at Apple Store, Penn Square (Penn Square Mall, Oklahoma City) http://4sq.com/lhID1o

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Smallest & cheapest ($30) 8 GB flash drive I’ve seen to date at a non-sale price (OKC Apple StoPict http://twitpic.com/5dg2wf

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I wish iPhone data & voice plans weren’t so ridiculously expensive Pict http://twitpic.com/5dfwir

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RT @BethStill: Planning on bringing your own powerstrip to Think again! ALL attendees need to be aware of this: http://bit.ly/lLZBoe

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@BethStill I could loan you an iPad 1… Would that work for you?

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techsavvyteach Purchased a hard drive lately? Internal desktop 1TB drives are running for 60 bucks online… wow!

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I’m not a popular dad now: Sarah’s best friend just got a Facebook acct. I told Sarah she has to wait 2 more years till she’s 13 to get one

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@davidwilcox yes, the iRig mic on the iPad works GREAT! I highly recommend it http://ow.ly/1tTuzM

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Photo: 169/365/2011 Sarah’s 1st Triathlon! http://tumblr.com/xfs322…

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