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June 19th, 2011

inquisitive, idealistic, collaborative, & kind

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DianeRavitch Why teachers are angry at Obama:…

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Just accepted a friend request on Facebook from Tashkent, Uzbekistan & I don’t think they are a spamment

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An outstanding read on edu reform issues: A teacher’s thoughts on the NCTQ report

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Rdg: NY Post blocks access to its website on iPads to drive app purchases (pretty dumb idea)

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@davidwilcox Excellent - I predict you will love the iRig!

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@thebenreynolds …to find photos that stay true to the story & memories. Cleverness is often required!

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@thebenreynolds Yes, sometimes the photos used for these stories aren’t ‘originals’ b/c they don’t exist. In those cases authors just try…

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Quotation today from 15 year old playing Cruella DeVille: “None of these photos go on Facebook, OK?!”

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@thebenreynolds I recommend @storychasers style: still images with audio narration. Key is a well written script. You can do it!

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Last 101 Dalmatians performance! 8th one! (@ Poteet Theater)

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! @cogdog needs our digital help! Will you answer the bark?! StoryBox Video

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Inspiring words from @dogtrax: A Poem for my Father for Father’s Day

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Wonderful Father’s Day reflection from @cogdog: The Man with the Raft

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