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June 20th, 2011

Sign of the times! Self-Published Author Sells a Million E-Books on Amazon http://j.mp/mP4P7x

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Sweet! Hope I get to ride this someday! Japan speeding ahead with 500km/h Maglev train http://j.mp/jXEaKa

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Bummer for new Verizon customers: Report: Verizon to end unlimited data plans next month http://j.mp/kOuvzM

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learned about the free http://www.tourwrist.com iOS app for 360 degree virtual tours via @iPodsibilities

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@mr_rcollins my gmail went offline yesterday for awhile but came back, I haven’t had a gdocs outage…

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RT @jrsowash: An interview with Jordan Lloyd Bookey, K-12 Education Outreach at Google: http://bit.ly/m2jupr via @edReformer

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@laurasuebux ooo- that would be bad! We’ll watch our bill!

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@laurasuebux yes, you too! I’m looking forward to it.

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masterteacher New post: Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom http://bit.ly/j8bigo

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Check out the site for National Pollinator Week this week! http://ow.ly/5maKy via @USFWSHQ @PBSNature

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How are you planning to celebrate National Pollinator Week? (June 20-26, 2011) via @USFWSHQ @PBSNature Perhaps by sampling local honey?!

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Our monthly, family AT&T wireless bill now exceeds a car paymfail - h/t@mjmontagneagne for pointing out this depressing comparison

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AT&T store sales rep said they’d waive the activation fee 4 my daughter’s new phone if I called, phone rep says they don’t do tfail

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Just confirmed I’ll share 3 breakout sessions at the Oklahoma SDE Innovations Conference on July 8th in OKC http://ow.ly/5m6a6

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New post: Social networking sites (SNS), Convivial Technologies and Digital Discipline http://bit.ly/ihyU4c

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@EasyBib please stop tweeting me about your booth

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@paul_allams ha ha! thanks for the language translation. :-) I needed that clarification in a big way!

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