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June 25th, 2011

@rockourworld absolutely! Your website really looks terrific… I hadn’t been there in awhile & had to spend a lot of time watching videos!

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@dmantz7 no, I’ve been at home this weekend. Heading to Monday. You?

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@TParks that would be SUPER awesome! If @rockourworld comes to OKC we’ll have to take her out to @bigtrucktacos :-)

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@biology yes, well I just remedied that update issue! I haven’t updated that iPad1 in many weeks… now it’s ready for @BethStill &ate11

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@MaryAnnReilly They have another app for common core standards, see http://ow.ly/5qqnL by @rmbyrne

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@Jules_F1 I hadn’t heard of them before… their free common core @rmbyrne blogged about today alerted me to them

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@ransomtech well, it’s free… but doesn’t work unless you subscribe to their testing service. A predictable but sad use…

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I’ve added 31 new apps to my @appolicious library via the automated iTunes library builder http://ow.ly/5qqlD

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BubbleSheet: Quite possibly the WORST way yet devised to use an iPad in support of authentic learning http://twitpic.com/5gxrdf

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Rdg: New iPhone rumors claim “radical new case design,” August release http://flpbd.it/8zs3 via @arstechnica

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It is challenging to write a book about with live Internet access - rabbit holes of great info are everywhere!

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@joedale thanks, that’s a great site too! Have you shared a blog post about these? I’ve added them to http://ow.ly/5qhRx

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Great video about Will Smith’s work to promote tolerance & global understanding http://ow.ly/5qhFY @rockourworldo@WillSmithNewsNews

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Wow! Rdg: These Car Prototypes Built By Kids Can Do Close To 2,000 Miles Per Gallon http://j.mp/ka1bN7

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Stay copyright safe with http://www.imagestamper…. - prove you have the right to use @creativecommons images

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Great Slideshare Slidecast by @joedale How can new technology support teaching and learning? http://ow.ly/5qgk7

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@alasmedia I sure wish I could have learned from you all at Southwest in Dallas last week! How did things go?

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Marco Torres is updating a blog with great apps for the classroom http://ow.ly/5qfFt

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I recommend the free website &adapp Cinch for no-edit audio recordingedia http://ow.ly/5qf2z

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storychasers Great corporate digital storytelling: IBM Centennial Film: They Were There - People who changed the way the world works http://ow.ly/5qeEL

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@ClaudiaSwisher well we definitely need to keep working on that goal together! I think it’s certainly an achievable one :-)

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@technolibrary I will have to check out what they are doing with QR codes. Thanks for the tip!

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New post: A Live Action Charlie Chaplin Google Doodle http://bit.ly/lWChJo

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@JessicaDembo thanks, I’ll pass along your congrats :-)

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@technolibrary yes, definitely using a QR code for my workshop! 1st time to try it. I made it larger than I needed to tho, I think

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I love IBM’s corporate slogan: Let’s build a smarter planet! http://www.youtube.com/i…

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OKCHE Check out NCHE Vice Chair Linda Salvucci’s comments about recent NAEP results. http://fb.me/10IPZKVhc

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@technolibrary ..the same website https://www.myidentifier… also sells barcodes for $25 each. I don’t think I need 1 for an ebook tho

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@technolibrary I think you have to purchase and reserve the actual ISBN numbers. There are different ways to generate barcodes…

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Sarah is all smiles after completing her first full junior triathlon in Lubbock!!! http://twitpic.com/5gmwfa

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mom reports Sarah has finished her junior triathlon and is doing great. Woo hoo for Sarah the athlete!

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I wish I could be with her now but her mom took her so I can keep writing. Thank goodness for cell phones.

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My daughter Sarah is competing in her 1st junior triathlon this morning in Lubbock. She just finished swim & bike, running now. Big day 4her

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@rmbyrne it’s a little too early in the morning for chili cheese fries :-)

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@rmbyrne no, it isn’t! :-) We shared that as a dinner appetizer last night

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@technolibrary do you know other options for buying ISBNs?

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@technolibrary …own it yourself then the price is higher. this is apparently the official ISBN purchase page for the US http://ow.ly/5qbxZ

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@technolibrary well, I’d like to know… I think you can use ISBNs others buy when they purchase in larger quantity… But if you want to…

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