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July 2nd, 2011

shannonmmiller There’s an APP for that! Great panel from

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I used MPEG Streamclip (free) to combine 7 mountainboarding videos of our scouts this week in Missouri

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jseelybrown Suggested Summer Reading: Fun, And Then Some… via @Forbes

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@shareski I do now. But I didn’t in my younger days :-)

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@bob05 It’s been on my reading list for awhile, I know it’s a fav of @dkuropatwa &a@kevinhoneycuttcutt

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New & Expanded version of Don McMillan’s 2008 YouTube hit “Life After Death by PowerPoint” class=”at”>@donmcmillanllan @sjciskeiske

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I’ve included a section titled, “ Should Be Whitelisted” in the Images chapter of

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I’m citing the GREAT Life After Death by PowerPoint by @donmcmillan in

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@dkuropatwa YES! That is super news on the book. Just keep moving forward… now we need to pressure @mguhlin too on his book!

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@dkuropatwa outstanding. How is your book coming along? I’m eager to read it and recommend it to others! :-)

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Added “Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving & Thriving at Work, Home, & School” to my wish list class=”at”>@dkuropatwauatwa #fb

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I love this Einstein quotation: If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. via @durkopatwa

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Checking out Design Matters v4 by @dkuropatwa on SlideShare

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@NancySchunke sorry to hear that! It’s a hot day for car trouble :-(

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I posted some photos of Alexander at Camp Geiger in Missouri this week (Scout camp)

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gcouros Reflections On

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Great post from @presentationzen: Storytelling lessons from Bill Cosby

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@ThirtySixthSpan were the videos posted to YouTube? Can you please tweet me the link if so? :-)

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I updated the webpage for Images w Rachel’s adorable illustration she drew to start the chapter

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I used RSS Graffiti to migrate past blog content from to a new FB page

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I just configured to auto-post my new Twitpics to Facebook…

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Photo: 182/365/2011 Professional Illustrator…

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tonyvincent View and annotate PDF and PPT docs on iPad with Noterize, currently free :

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I heartily agree with this perspective: Leave No Child Inside: How Nature Benefits Children via @DrPriceMitchell

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DrPriceMitchell Music boosts children’s positive outcomes.

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flourishingkids Great post! RT @mbfxc: Being a Conductor in the Classroom:

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According to @klout, @wfryer’s Klout score is 69. How influential are you?…

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@DrPriceMitchell thanks :-) @klout is a pretty interesting tool. I think my tweets from are a big reason that # is high now :-)

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I’m citing “Rules for Pod People and a Proposal for Banning Pencils” by @BlueSkunkBlog in

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@NancySchunke yes, we’ve definitely had more rain here than West Texas. I’ll talk to our local meteorologists & see if we can send some! :-)

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I’m addressing content filtering issues & referencing the Unmasking the Digital Truth projectedia class=”hashtag” rel=”search” href=”//”>#fb #fb

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@kellycroy - Yuk! Looks like it’s time for a new adapter. :-(

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@NancySchunke Here’s a twitter virtual wave as you drive by - glad you have a sunny day without storms - it”s hot tho! :-)

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If I had an extra $500 right now, I’d order a Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook

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masterteacher New post: Show Me the Money! Getting Your Grant Proposal Approved

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dogtrax Writing Longer, Writing Stronger: The Power of Young Authors Sharing through Digital Media | Digital Is …:

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philnichols One should, each day, try to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if possible, speak a few reasonable words -Goethe

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langwitches Contribute an image frm UR country depicting a unique tradition,typical custom,distinctive perspectives,routines,habits

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RT @coopmike48: Modern School: The Beatings for Preschoolers Will Continue Until Test Scores Improve - via @mahlness

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@Tom_Turner absolutely - we need to share more of these stories to humanize legislative agenda effects

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Great twitter byline: I’m more interested in teaching than testing, in computers than pencils via @ mahlness

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RT @idocente: Teaching Students to Be Multimedia Storytellers | Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning:

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