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July 23rd, 2011

I’m at Cafe 501 (501 S Boulevard St, Edmond)

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Photo: 202/365/2011 Farm Style Learners Wanted…

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Rdg: A Great Big Pile of Perspective and The Current Challenges facing IT in the Educational Environment via @kentbrooks

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kentbrooks Why one good teacher decided to quit…

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@CLykowski I like it! He’s discovered a powerful jewel! :-)

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I am adding internal links/bookmarks in for my glossary words. I used iOS 37 times

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Rdg: Practical 21st Century Skills: … manifesto from the Tech-Savvy Teacher vi@techsavvyteachcfb

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BuildingMuseum Check out these museums and galleries. Quite different from DC’s style!

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New post: Explaining Telecommunications Convergence and Its Opportunities via Video

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New post: Good Reasons to Try Google+

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What fun members of a retirement community had creating this LipDub! I hope I have this much creativity & energy in 2050!

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Via @kevin2kelly: …and now it is to organize and control information

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Via @kevin2kelly: The crucial ask of early civilizations was to organize and control matter; later it was to organize and control energy…

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@VeraFBirkenbihl oh my goodness, I had no idea. I hope your recovery is speedy & full. Glad you’re back :-)

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the act of focused listening to an audio message… can open up numerous doors of learning 4students today & in the futedia

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@agrei8 thanks - it sounds like E Ink eReaders at this point, however, can’t play videos…

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The more media we create and archive, the more likely it is we will document compelling stories.

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@cborja thanks for the confirmation!

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Technology is used best for learning when it “disappears.”

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Can anyone confirm or deny this? E Ink eReaders cannot play videos embedded in EPUB format eBooks

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