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August 16th, 2011

mobypicture For who missed it: Mobypicture now has experimental support to send to Google+! fmore info: bit.ly/nbWl9s

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jaymej 1 Summer, 2 Workshops, 33 Hours - my and reflections bit.ly/nY8tkV

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Anyone know if posterous.com is accessible or blocked on the @OKCPS content filter currently?

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@plugusin it means it’s time for a big upgrade :-) @mcleod

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Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls by @RachelJSimmons on Internet safety/cyberbullying & mow.ly/1vPvOZ1 #fb

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RachelJSimmons New novel explores a family’s undoing by a sexting scandal http://n.pr/p0GrYs via @nprfreshair

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This writing sample display should be in a digital blog showcase! @OKCPS twitpic.com/6777sk

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My favorite 6th grade Presidential campaign poster! @OKCPS twitpic.com/6776xa

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Clever Facebook meme school election campaign marketing @OKCPS twitpic.com/6775x1

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New post: Evaluating AllGirlArcade.com for my 11 Year Old Daughter bit.ly/nztTJo

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sljournal Look who’s joined our panel “Navigating the Road Ahead,” a guided chat on ebooks in K-12 libraries http://ow.ly/64w2T Welcome, @wfryer

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@mcleod no floppy disk drives left in our family computer arsenal… :-)

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My China visa arrived today - just 22 days till Learning 2.011 in Shanghai! learning2.asia

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@Lisa_Carmona I didn’t buy it for the floppy disk, I assure you! It’s an SPSS book & I was told “you need that” :-)

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Tshirt slogan for the 1st day of class w/ college students: “It’s in the syllabus” twitpic.com/6747s1

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Student election posters at Classen SAS in @OKCPS twitpic.com/6744po

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You know your textbook is “old school” when it comes with a floppy disk! (bought this on Amazon) twitpic.com/673m0e

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Online social media background checks for employers are here to stay, socialintel.com is an example

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Cricket’s phone based music service “Muve” is interesting- all phone based ow.ly/1vOok2

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It’s an SPSS dissertation data analysis day! (@ Red Cup) 4sq.com/nykCD0

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RT @milobo @cnansen: Sketchpad Explorer App for iPad is free for a limited time tinyurl.com/444zvks via @agardner

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I’ve revamped my main blog with the iFeature theme http://ow.ly/646mj I REALLY like the customized menus!

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