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August 17th, 2011

New post: Ways to Subscribe to a Blog in Google Reader on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

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Photo: 228/365/2011 Bold Presidential Plans @OKCPS

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New post: Watch Flash Videos & Play Flash Games on iOS

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Rdg: Educational Origami - Students at conferences

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techmunoz Calling all computer lab teachers: What procedures do you have in place to make your classroom run smoothly? Need to tweek mine…

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SimpleK12 discussions turn students from consumers to producers of information

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@OKCPSETS that sounds positive - what is the blogging platform, teacherweb?

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@hshawjr my wife said the same thing tonight! She didn’t know the story at the time, however. Can’t wait for Peter Jackson’s new version!

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We are watching the 1977 animated version of “The Hobbit” tonight

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@Baldy7 do not fear, I shall not go down that path!

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Great article, a must read for iPad 1:1 settings: What’s the “do”? Student iPad implementation choices via @smartinez

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New post: Multiple Choice Testing on an iPod Touch with NearPod

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1st day to work w CX debaters! (@ Classen SAS)

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jutecht Just Blogged: Appointment Slots in Google Calendar

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mcleod Mind Dump: Put this pledge at the top of every meeting agenda

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@mguhlin glad you’re reading Miguel! Did u buy the e-ink Nook or Nook color? Battery life on the e-ink version is amazing!

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@OKCPSETS thanks for the tip! I’m helping an @OKCPS teacher setup a class blog today & was hop@posterousrous is accessible

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Rdg excellent article: Axel Bruns: No on/off switch for social media: (on social media & London rio #fb

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