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August 31st, 2011

Alex’s art paper on Lego building features Lego mosaics by Flickr user eilonwy77 on

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Watching @NewsOK @Livestream of grass fires in NE Oklahoma City - BAD, BAD :-(

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At 6 pm it’s 105 degrees F in Oklahoma City. Note to Father Christmas: Please hurry up!

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Photo: 243/365/2011 meat, potatoes &

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I love this “witness” tshirt logo - reminds me of “digital witness”

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New post: Enhanced / MultiMedia version of Playing with Media eBook Available

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Rdg: The English Major is the Next Geek Success Story via @thursdayb

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Want to turn a site into a member site? The commercial plugin Wishlist is highly recommended by @thursdayb

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I’m at Oklahoma City Coworking Collaborative (723 N Hudson Ave, at NW 7th St, Oklahoma City)

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@humbledaisy I hadn’t seen it - thanks! I need the help! :-)

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Key lesson for digital learners: Problem is filter failure not info overload via @cshirky

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Rdg: @gigaom What CNN could learn by acquiring Zite

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CX debate class parent volunteer time! (@ Classen SAS)

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@MattSanders no, I managed to restrain myself. We’d just met, you see :-) @michaeldick

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I’m very close to having the enhanced/multimedia version of available for sale online - should be later today!

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Finished proofing paperback version of -made a couple changes, resubmitted final PDF to @CreateSpace for another proof

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writingproject Have you downloaded ’s iPhone app yet? It’s free:

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willrich45 Just Posted: “The Truly Flipped Classroom…and Conversation”

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New family learning blog post: Rachel’s picture of Smaug the Dragon

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