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September 10th, 2011

Eye opening @CNN article about the architectural treasures of & the importance of protecting them class=”hashtag” rel=”search” href=”//”>#fb #fb

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A creative music teacher should help his/her class compose & perform a remix of “It’s a Small World” as “It’s a Flat Wori #fb

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I accepted a bid on my @Elance proposal for help with EPUB validation for iTunes iBookstore validation - bidder is in India

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garystager @wfryer Tinkering resources -

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@amyburvall He’s wanting to prepare the kids for professional presentation, and use the binder when inviting talent to participate

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The #1 website/tech tool I’m most jazzed about after - Free iPhone App Builder! via @ mrrobbo

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dkuropatwa @wfryer in action at @ SCIS

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An audio recording of @erickpessoa’s fantastic preso Using Film in any Class at

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@erickpessoa GREAT presentation today, thanks SO much for sharing your passion & such great ideing2

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GREAT video production log used by Erick Pessoa in his IB Film classes in Shanghai

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SUPERB free software for video pre-production: Celtx via Erick Pessoa

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Great link for math teachers: Math in the Movies via Erick Pessoa

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@jessmcculloch that’s super :-) It’s not my original idea, however - credit @cshirky :-)

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Handout/links for Adriaan Defraeije’s intro to podcasting session in Shanghai today

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