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October 13th, 2011

RT @arneduncan: We can never have a strong community or strong city without a strong public school system. (of course I agree)

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RT @jasonglassia: Iowa gets an education reform plan worth fighting for:

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@Morgester lots more ebook & ePub related links / resources here in #fb

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Steps for Posting @audioBoo Recordings to KidBlog

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@vtdeacon @mswanson @glovely @jgustin Thanks so much, yes! Flubaroo is what I was trying to remember :-)

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@edtechdiva yes that’s it! You’re my hero! Flubaroo!

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@LynnToTheRescue I would love to but unfortunately I can’t that night! I could in November, however. Sorry!

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@edtechdiva yes that’s it! You’re my hero! Flubaroo!

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Anyone have the link to that site which makes the creation of a self-grading Google forms quiz much easier/faster?

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5th grade lunch count on a Google Spreadsheet shared w/ school cafeteria staff

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I’m at Morrison High School (Morrison)

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k12online It’s the last week to submit PROPOSALS for K-12 Online 2011! Please share your ideas!

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@Mumi79 The webinar sessions ARE being archived for later access! Audio of my portion is on

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new share: Tom and the Dog (4th grader narrates a story using Jing and Kerpoof)

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New post: Visualizing Librarian Questions about eBooks

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New post: Podcast383: Creating eBook Yearbooks of Student Work

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