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October 14th, 2011

@Whittttt did you get your updates for iMovie, Pages and Keynote to work?

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I’ve added a link to the Mabry iForm to the Posting Policy page of SHARE via @timtyson

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@Whittttt This video specifically addresses how Google Chromebooks can be transformative in schools…

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@Whittttt Here’s a good video to watch explaining the Google Chromebook & how it’s…rO3L

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I’m updating my iPad to iOS 5, about 10 min left to go for the restore!

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Read a new review of Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing by @neiffer on

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I just submitted a session proposal for - Creating eBook Yearbooks of Student Work

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Please listen to Mrs. Bales’ 3rd grader @audioBoo reflections from outdoor school &

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@cynthiabogor this is a @posterous student work showcase blog School Of Graphic Design, Academy Of Art in San Fran, CA

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new student media share: Outdoor Classroom Audio Reflection @audioBoo

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@cynthiabogor did you get any replies on your question about digital portfolios on @posterous this week?

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ShiftTheDigital Dramatic Growth | LJ’s Second Annual Survey

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@shareski nice. Our family is fond of “blizzard dreams” like that too :-)

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@jessmcculloch that fruit salad looks great! Give my regards to your mum :-)

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I’ve been listening to ‘On China’ by Kissinger on @audible_com -An incredible history of Asia & world

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New post: Share Your Ideas for K-12 Online 2011: Purposeful Play

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@Neilstephenson thanks Neil - I’ll keep your offer in mind

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@crewsertech I will let you know! I should get the quote next week

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The more I work in public schools with teachers, the more resolved I become to help change norms of draconian content filtering :-(

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NatGeo Quadruple rainbow. It’s so beautiful!

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