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October 20th, 2011

New post: Introducing Your Next Educational Conference Speaker!

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Death of reminds me of day after Columbine shootings in ’99. Media has changed dynamics of what we can protect kids’ eyes from

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RT @tabish_hasan exclusive footage shows Muammar ‘s dead body (the dark side of social media)

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SirSocks Post-Gaddafi Libya is for the Libyans to sort out, even if it involves violence. It is not for the UK, US, France or NATO.

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to see @CNN on TV, open Twitter on iPhone & watch a video of Libyans celebrating around the dead bodydafi seconds later :-(

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RT @acarvin Posing around corpse-Graphic RT @ceoDanya video dead body (No Bin Laden vids like this)

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@shareski just left a comment for you with more elaboration on the “DIY learning” concept

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You have 11 more days to share an example of student work & win a free digital audio #fb

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l love this take on “It’s not about the tech” - Pimp My Slide by @shareski

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wyotigger Two Ways To Engage In Creative Writing /via @wordpressdotcom @Mr_Lister: great idea; am sharing with writing teachers.

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wyotigger Death by worksheet see similarities at my house.

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andycinek Room to learn: Allow your students to author their learning

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