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October 24th, 2011

@TehPwnShop wow, well you did an incredible job! Please consider posting a screencast at some point sharing your masterful techniques!

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RT @k20center: Annual ed conference K20 ILI is Nov. 10 at Norman Embassy. Keynote is @karlfisch (Register now! )

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Rdg- Silk: A new perspective after 5000 years

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BrothersBrick Tread Carefully–there be dragons

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@GrooveBricks Love your site! What wordpress theme are you using? Is it custom or downloadable?

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@TehPwnShop How did you create the animated talking mouths in your brickfilm?

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@TehPwnShop Great job on your latest Brickfilm, my son shared it via a guest post on my blog

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new guest post by son, Alexander: Awesome Brickfilm

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vocab word of the day: Google bomb via a blog comment by Steorling

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@Paul_McGuire glad you like the Classroom Photo 180 project idea! Please tweet me a link if you start or know of someone who starts one!

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@FrontierCity411 Could you please add an attribution link somewhere on the pages where photos are used, back to ?

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TED Talk video recommendation from @bobsprankle: Benjamin Zander on music & #fb

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The podcast of @mwesch I posted last night was cut off at 40:20, I’ve fixed the file so please re-download. Sorry!

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@AnaCristinaPrts everyone I know who has a Mac loves it! :-)

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@FrontierCity411 please tweet me a link if you use some & I’ll RT!

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@FrontierCity411 we did have a fantastic time & would love it if you use some of our photos/videos! More

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I’m at Kamp’s 1910 Cafe (10 NE 10th Street, Oklahoma City)

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