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November 3rd, 2011

RT @mikekaechele: Have you seen this jelly bean stop animation video? behind the scenes is sweet too

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@mikekaechele no I hadn’t - that’s amazing! What a high bar for stopmotion creativity… LOTS of time spent on that! Thanks :-)

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@karlfisch thanks - glad you saw that. Do you know a way to still share Google Reader posts from a website (not using a mobile app?)

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This is my fav free QR generator website

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New post: Google Reader Post Sharing Still working with Mobile RSS and Flipboard

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Rdg great post by @woscholar: PBL and Buck Institute for Education Day

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BethStill It never fails. Every time I give students choices and options they panic. I hate the system that did this to them.

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@joebjr @jimwenz yes you all are right - a safe landing is a good landing… But not always a comfortable one!

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@SarahebKaiser thanks for sharing the attribution correction w/ @dianacolada of yesterday’s post by @tmemann :-)

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@KansasNana it was a really rough landing in Houston… I’d have rated it 1 or 2 out of a possible 5 :-(

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I’m at LaGuardia Airport (LGA) (Grand Central Pkwy, East Elmhurst) w/ 79 others [pic]:

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Someone should create a smartphone app that lets commercial airline passengers rate pilot landings on a 1-5 scale

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TLTGROUP If you deliver a course, you don’t own it. “Deliver” is the opposite of “engage.” A course is not a book or piz…

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Just bought my ticket to visit Lady Liberty on Saturday!

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