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November 25th, 2011

@jagill no thanks… I haven’t heard or seen any compelling reasons to go Android at this point :-(

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I like this Internet speed test site from AT& (wish my upload speeds were higher, tho!)

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I’m thrilled to have obtained (for free) & configured an AT&T 3G (supplementary home cell er!) #fb

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@tonyvincent ok, thanks for the inspiration & confirmation! I really liked the features of that one I guessed it must be what you’re using!

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If you’re having dropped calls/connectivity problems w/ AT&T on an iPhone, use the “Mark the Spot” app to #fb

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Inspired by the awesome @tonyvincent I’ve almost finished configuration of a custom URL shortener using

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Very cool multimedia tool: share synchronized music & videos across the web a #fb

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so I’m not feeling so smart tonight… :-)

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Really cool professional site / digital portfolio site by @ozh

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@cogdog I did and I’ll reply… I’m quite unskilled at email at times… A Jan visit to OKC sounds GREAT :-)

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@giuliaforsythe @shareski Is there a chat channel for this, or are we just supposed to reply in Twitter?

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@sherbev thanks, and congrats to you as well! :-)

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@tonyvincent what software program are you running for your URL shortener? Open source?

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tonyvincent Explain Everything for iPad is now $1.99. It’s like ShowMe Whiteboard with more features, incl export to Photos:

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New post: Give eBook Copies of Playing with Media to Educators at a Discount

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courosa well that’s a unique way to deliver a birth announcement

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I’m reading: Divorce in the Age of Twitter via @TechCrunch (good tips on avoiding urge to make all private - public)

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Listening to NPR: Technology Podcast 11-23-2011 via @IPhonePodcaster

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the full schedule of presenters & presentations line week 1 & 2 is (week1 starts May!) #fb

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Watch The Sandbox Manifesto by @AngelaMaiers 4 this week & checkout the full schedule!…

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k12online Our full 2011 Presentation Schedule is available! Week 1 Team Captains & Story Time presos start Monday!

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