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December 4th, 2011

New post: Create Media Sandboxes for your Family and Classroom

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Reading: Joel Robison selected as new [Oklahoma]Education Chief of Staff via @thecitysentinel @shawnhime

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aboatman Obi-wan was Sage on the stage with Anakin, guide on the side for Luke.

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NASAEarth South Shetland Islands and Antarctica [image]

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@brandtschneider This report has good info & links: For-Profit Colleges: Game-Changers Or ‘Diploma

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@brandtschneider Sadly there are a large number of for-profit colleges now that are happy to see folks go in debt & offer poor quality pgms

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@brandtschneider A VERY important question I don’t think I can answer adequately in 140 characters… Accreditation = the traditional answer

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@brandtschneider Whether that agenda can be readily identified & articulated from visiting the ‘official’ website is another story…

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@brandtschneider Agendas when it comes to organizations are certainly harder to identify & pinpoint.. I think everyone has one

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@brandtschneider Well, use & endorsement@creativecommonsmons licenses is a key litmus test for open educational organizations

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I created a media sandbox channel for our family learning blog on Vimeo

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My 8 year old made the video “Santa Goes to Washington DC” this afternoon w/ the iPad app Puppet Pals

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I just ousted @sparklestashe as the mayor of Poteet Theater on @Foursquare!

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Checking out The Open Textbook Challenge via @saylordotorg

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