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December 26th, 2011

iOS app Action Movie FX includes 2 free FX packs for download

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new post: Rachel Reports on Sprinkler Ice

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New post: Incredible Oklahoma City Christmas Lights Powered by Light-o-Rama

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@aac3 Thanks so much for sharing your recent @TEDxPSU presentation. I found your message challenging & very relevant to us in Oklahoma

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New post: The Dangerous Nexus of Cyber Charter Schools & For-Profit Curriculum

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new post: Sharing Sermon Perceptions Through Art

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@khrista_lou yes. And I’d like to find the political constituency which will put an end to this madness.

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@sanmccarron I wasn’t saying it didn’t mean anything. I was saying it didn’t lead to meaningful conversations about learning.

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New post: Standardized Test Results Obfuscate Real Learning

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@malynmawby No, our family Annie star was Sarah :-)

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3 of my fav sunrise photos I took this fall:

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Definitely 1 of my fav photos & videos of 2011 with (taken looking up at the clouds at a rest stop on I- #fb

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flashback to the past photo: Scott Charleson’s slide projector at in Nov 2011

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New Flickr set: Antique Store OKC

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Just installed Flickr Uploadr (free)

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@roybreiling the Rocketfish stylus is my favorite for the iPad at present

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Just learned about @Crackle & free iPad app for watching free TV & #fb

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iOSsociety Via @glyn_e - This week “Through the Lens of an iPhone”

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TeachaKidd Is your mom on Twitter?ā€¦ via @YouTube

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