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December 27th, 2011

Just installed Seashore software (free image editor for Mac OS X)

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@janstearns Glad you’re listening to that @mwesch podcast preso! He’s an inspirational fellow! :-)

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Installing buzztouch Server @buzzTouchApp on my own server so I can use it for 2 mobile apps I’m working on :-)

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Just activated a 1 week free trial for @hulu Plus - just wished the iOS app supported airplay or video out :-(

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@InstagramHelp thanks! That’s a super-helpful list of links :-)

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Used this 2008 post to find the RSS feed for my YouTube channel videos

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Just created an @extragr_am public website for my @instagram pics:

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@seani great thanks - hadn’t heard of @extragr_am - looks good, a ‘missing piece’ of @instagram

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mcleod RT @Akee123 “Almost everyone wants our schools to be better, but almost no one wants them to be different” Alabama Deputy Supt. of Education

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@instagram users: Do you know if creates a profile page showing all the pics a particular user has taken/shared?

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bobsprankle Please sign this petition to stop a bill that’s so crazy that it could shut down Twitter and Youtube:

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New post: When Photo Date Meta Info is Handy

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One of my favorite photos of the year: Hugging Wildcat @taf1958

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@roybreiling no not yet, but I’ve heard @smeech recommend it highly. He says it’s the best iOS screencasting app

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I’m catching up on a 2 month lapse in posting today

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