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December 30th, 2011

Disregard the last errant tweet. Dangerous to mix texting & tweeting!

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iReading: Vidtel Cloud Videoconferencing: How It Works


@Liveloved I really enjoyed the Conversations meeting space today! What a great & unique ministry you’re providing for Edmond :-)

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Excellent: just learned @Vidtel provides cloud-based videoconferencing services like @BlueJeansNet via @TechDagan

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I just unlocked the “Bento” badge on @Foursquare! Irasshaimase!

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Great meeting with Tim Hast today at

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dwarlick My response to @timholt2007’s Bad Trend.. “gurus not offering solutions” ( “Here’s What I’d Do” -

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New post: Dave Ramsey on Strengths, Jobs, Entrepreneurship, Lifelong Learning &

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iReading: iTunes - Podcasts - TROMBONE PLAYER WANTED by Marcus Buckingham (free)


I wish there was a way to merge my Amazon book/ebook wish list with my @goodreads account

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I added a bunch of updates to my @goodreads account yesterday

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DaveRamsey Goals convert vision into energy. When you write your goals down, you immediately start feeling the earth move under your feet.

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364/365/2011 Morning Songleaders @ First Presbyterian Church

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363/365/2011 Homemade Strawberry Cake Pops

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