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February 26th, 2012

I really enjoyed listening to Joe Lambert @storycenter for an hour tonight in this podcast conversation from 2006!

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@acserrano Is “The Great Canadian Story Engine” still available online? I can’t fine an active link :-(

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@storycenter Is Joe Lambert’s 2009 book “Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community” an ebook?

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Article @SpotlightDML Playing Along: Why Parents & Educators Need to Use & Discuss Media w

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storychasers “bookmark important stages of your academic career with digital storytelling” - Joe Lambert @storycenter

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edutopia Why do we need arts in our schools? Join in the conversation on FB:

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Just learned about Streetside Stories @StreetsideSF via 2006 Joe Lambert @storycenter podcast

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@AlisonHannon thanks for alerting @storychasers to mobile walking tours via @mvabl_steve

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storychasers New blog post: Moveable Feast Offers Tools for Multimedia, Mobile Walking Tours

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Congrats to Mike King @digitalsandbox1 of Dodge City, Kansas for winning a @NASSP 2012 Digital Principal Award!

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@howellwright Makes you wonder why we don’t ask legislators to send their own children & grandchildren to PUBLIC schools, doesn’t it?

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Reading about the $4 billion in state funding for education cut in Texas at the end of January :-(

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@AlisonHannon your Moveable Feast historic walking tour sounds like a great project! Where can I get more info?

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iReading: Manifesto for teaching online


AlisonHannon My 200th tweet: In 20 years of teaching, this last year on Twiitter has been the greatest professional dev. of my career. Thank you.

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I agree: “Closed online spaces limit the educational power of the network” via

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iReading: The Connected States of America [INFOGRAPHIC]


Think you have arrived? Think again.

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RT @lockiechapman @sjunkins @Ilotimo @AnaCristinaPrts GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera - iPhone/iPad

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AnaCristinaPrts Jim Knight - If Steve Jobs Designed Schools

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AnaCristinaPrts edtechpost - OER Dynamic Search Engine

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Learning about Damien Babell’s 1:1 iPad research project with @mmuir

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Listening to @mmuir discuss ME 1:1 iPad program 4 kindergarteners using McMEL’s Lead4Change model

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ipadwithwes Check out Apple’s new iPad Guided Tour videos for iPad (good for feature overviews)

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Here is the direct link to that $650 @BestBuy HDMI-ready LCD projector via the in-store QR code

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Nice: new Epson LCD projector w/ HDMI & VGA: $650 @ Best

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RT @cynthiabogor: what we are doing to share w parents the going ons in the class, easy thank you @posterous &

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@dprindle I just saw that too after I sent the tweet - perhaps @CNGnow should use @WordPress as a platform instead of MS Sharepoint?!

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Learn more about natural gas conversion vehicles via @CNGnow

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47/366/2012 Clean AAA CNG @ On Cue Gas Up Place

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Google Currents is a free iOS news/magazine app similar to @Flipboard via @friEdTechnology

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