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March 4th, 2012

@techsavvyteach glad to see you using a custom URL shortener! jasonlinks.net The mighty influence of @tonyvincent continues! :-)

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courosa Anyone feel like joining this Edmodo group so I can see how this thing works? URL: bit.ly/yx30Lj

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@djakes enjoy Boston & good luck! :-)

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@rainbowcat5 I’m thinking about constructive roles parents can play in addressing issues raised in “The Widget Effect” ow.ly/1HHvVs

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@rainbowcat5 I also think, however, everyone in all professions need accountability. And I’m not talking about high stakes testing

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@rainbowcat5 I don’t like the ongoing, coordinated attack on the profession of teaching

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@courosa Can’t wait to see & hear from youlc12 tomorrow! Travel safe :-)

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iReading: Tornadoes, Extreme Weather And Climate Change, Revisited via @climateprogress bit.ly/xGIPIp


Wichita at Dusk @ Auburn Hills Golf Course instagr.am/p/HxWhkuOgCZ/

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@glovely I was using my Mac to create & share a local wifi network w@ReflectionAppnApp

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@glovely I had to try mirroring connect to @ReflectionApp multiple times after it disconnected when recording with eBook Creator

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@glovely I got @ReflectionApp to work w/ sound fine at Sat’s conference in KC, but connection over wifi was wonky at times

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RT @techsavvyteach @BlackfootETC registration up now! blackfoot.com/etc/ sectionals by @wfryer @mikegusto and me! :) good times for all!

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Listening to @erwinmcmanus: audio podcast for Mosaic - Artisan: Soul - The Essence of Art ow.ly/1HG2IX

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erwinmcmanus The most interesting people in the world are the ones who love deeply and risk greatly.

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isteconnects Lots of resources to help you use creative commons & open education in your classroow.ly/9pJNn7oItech

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@princessofworld I think he does, but wants another backup in case the LOC facilities in DC get nuked / otherwise destroyed…

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64/366/2012 Lunch with Dad @ Corner Cafe instagr.am/p/Hwz5OZugKJ/

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Anyone know the date of our 20th reunion? AOG site doesn’t say… ow.ly/1HFwUS

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new podcast: Improving Literacy with Media in Higher Education wfryer.me/gu

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Fears & Natural vs Christian Respontwitpic.com/8rz7316cv4

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@Whittttt choose the best digital platform for your students based on learning needs & context, NOT based on testing mandates

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@Whittttt our purpose & focus in school must always be learning, not testing, no matter what politicians say or do

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@Whittttt good 4u! I don’t think anyone knows that answer about test compatibility tho. Don’t let that hold you back w Chromebooks!

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iReading: A Day Made of Glass video ow.ly/9rkZU (by Corning, based on near field communication tech)

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@gibsonsgolfer that is precious!!! Great work, thanks for sharing it. Please give my compliments to the author / illustrator! :-)

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RT @gibsonsgolfer “I can spell” enhanced eBook by a 4 year old, with original artwork db.tt/Oxrk4QuB (open on an iPad)

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Original @nytimes article “In a Flood Tide of Digital Data, an Ark Full of Books” wfryer.me/gs

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Great quote from @nytimes article: “A lot of libraries are doing pretty drastic weeding” wfryer.me/gs

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@sup52i006 yes, a conference to learn more about using Google Apps for Education, here is the main link wfryer.me/gt

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andrewskurka Another funny “What I do” meme, via @HikingTheTrail. Also hilarious. bit.ly/wG5WAW

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REI “If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good” Take your queue from & go find a new adventure soon!!

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iReading: More Than 1,000 Potential New Planets Found via @NatGeo bit.ly/zstPF1