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March 9th, 2012

elearninglaura The spinning beach ball of death doesn’t normally make me smile, but on this occasion… macrumors.com/2012/03/09/a-t…

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@IFTTT my post to twitter task stopped working for some reason 3 days ago. Ideas why? ifttt.com/tasks/445073

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New post: A Creative ePub Audio Story Powered by Five Card Flickr Story @cogdog go.wfryer.me/watMAo

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App Alert: CameraBag, CameraBag for iPad and Infinicam are all FREE today iphoneography.com/journal/2012/3…

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New post: Creating Educational Videos for YouTube by Marty Brandl go.wfryer.me/zof9M9

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Google should recognize math teachers like Marty Brandl: He almost has 1 million YouTube views! wfryer.me/i9

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rather than making an all-encompassing video, hit the smaller pieces and then those can be remixed / reused later -Marty Brandl

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I NEVER choose to show myself in a screencast: math doesn’t get old, but the video will if you show yourself! tip via Marty Brandl

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Great free, open source screenrecording software: CamStudio Open Source wfryer.me/ia via Marty Brandl

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@mrboyer OK no problem - glad to help - glad you’re using !

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Phenomenal YouTube channel of math tutorial videos by Minnesota high school teacher Marty Brandl wfryer.me/i9

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@mrboyer Would love to leave a comment for your students, but your permissions are set to “class read-only”

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Just shared video tutorial: Configure KidBlog for Safe, Moderated, Interactive Student Blogging & Commentwfryer.me/i8r2012

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RT @phdslyk: nice! @siteconf: Check out the new mobile website for m.site.aace.org (it is sweet!)

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RT @jodybritten: This is fun — ow.ly/1I2fyL word clouds for kids!

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@lthumann good luck with your preso today, wish I could be there! :-)

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@HallDavidson thanks for the RT :-) You going to the ebook forum coming up?

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@topgold I’m not sure what “moving to data objects” in this context means. Are students recording audio with mics in Moodle?

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@JoshSumption I didn’t see any auroras last night either around 11… Oh well. Just means I should come north more often!

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@topgold what is a good link where I can learn how you’re letting students submit SMS texts into your Moodle course?

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@topgold thanks for your kind compliment :-)

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