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March 14th, 2012

YouTube has a custom page with all the videos I’ve shared on my blog wfryer.me/ix WOW

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Slides, videos & resources for Fri’s keynote in Yarmouth: “Why Play with Media?” wfryer.me/iw

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@DarkJedi60 indeed it is! “He is powerful, as the emperor has foreseen!”

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I like how Extragram creates a webpage of my Instagram photos wfryer.me/iv

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I’m sharing this video Fri in Yarmouth: Digitizing Student Portfolios with an iPod Touch featuring @kernkelley wfryer.me/iu

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@BLicata I’ve seen the video for “Goodnight iPad” wfryer.me/it but hadn’t seen it in the store - very excited to own it now!

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I’m using this pic of my son: Darth Vader mask, light saber & force lightning (LED light painting) wfryer.me/is

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Article by @crampell about how EXPENSIVE education has been historically: Why Jews Don’t Farm wfryer.me/ir via @Richard_Florida

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I’m also using this 2 min tribute video to “Master & Commander” as part of my Fri preso intro wfryer.me/iq (I love that film!)

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I’m using this photo of Sarah’s 3rd grade “Land Run” re-enactment family as part of my intro in Yarmouth on Friday wfryer.me/ip

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74/366/2012 Gem from G. Willikers @ G. Willikers instagr.am/p/ILKfjHugIl/

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Looking at $5 eBook by @JerryKTOK on @Smashwords: Dixie Cup Assassin wfryer.me/io

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New post: Your Next Textbook Will be a Palantir go.wfryer.me/yyS410

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Nice example of fair use justification on English WikiPedia article 4 Palantir wfryer.me/in @playingwithmedia

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@nbrach Congrats on your granddaughter getting accepted to Mizzou!

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I created a Twitter list for on Monday wfryer.me/im

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iReading: Cuomo, Common Core and Pearson-for-Profit @pearson via @willrich45 @lrougeux wfryer.me/il (not a happy picture)

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dwarlick Help me prepare for the upcoming Beyond the Textbook Forum - goo.gl/Apgy0

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rmbyrne EasyBib for Android Makes Recording Citations Easier ow.ly/9DLxK

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@OGandE has a grant program for Oklahoma teachers, apply for up to $1000, deadline June 1 wfryer.me/ik

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@rwentechaney @melcooke I’m finding @Dropbox & @BoxHQ to be compelling for file mgt/sharing from iOS devices - free cloud-based sharing

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@rwentechaney @melcooke I agree HTML5/non-prop plugin solutions which are platform agnostic are good 4 public school $$$

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Good curation of materials: @gooru wfryer.me/ij (registration required) via @BillGates

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BillGates Promising new technologies can help teachers be more effective, make learning more interesting. Videos: b-gat.es/wkiBv7

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Listening 2 @shareski talk about new gig w @DiscoveryEd on Shifted Learning podcast wfryer.me/ii via @juliafallon & @ijohnpederson

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@melcooke does your summary comment of @rwentechaney “Mac connect to windows” stmt still apply if all work moves2 the cloud?

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@head_geek those were all good reads. Many thanks for sharing the fruits of your curation work on that subject :-)

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iReading: Goodbye, cruel Google—an ex-employee’s lament by @CNETNews via @head_geek wfryer.me/ih (good response to previous)

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@mattclausenDCIT thanks for the shout out! Enjoy the conference! :-)

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Goodnight iPad! (@ G. Willikers! Toy Shop) [pic]: 4sq.com/w5OV3G

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@head_geek I’d love to read those responses- can you share any direct links to them?

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ddraper First MITx Course Attracts 90,000 Students, Proving the Popularity of Online Education bit.ly/xZdm6c

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Death By Wikipedia: Encyclopedia Britannica Stops Printing by @RWW via @ddraper rww.to/yDi8qE

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Alarming:The days of old Google hiring smart people and empowering them to invent the future are gone bit.ly/xc9YSR via @courosa

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@zsims do you know of any open source phonecasting projects?

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@zsims your past work with @dropio caught my eye - what are your fav platforms now for phonecasting?

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@ChargerTIS is that a serious question about cursive writing? What grade level?

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reverbstrategy The Radical Growth of the App Economy [INFOGRAPHIC] mashable.com/2012/03/13/app… via @mashable

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sheila_A Yarmouth is making a district statement about tech. @wfryer is coming with . Presenters are all in house.

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I just unlocked the Level 4 “JetSetter” badge on @foursquare! High five! 4sq.com/z0vpXR

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Happy PI Day! ow.ly/9Ectv Celebrate w the 2009 video “Why We Need Pi” wfryer.me/ig

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QR Code in the TSA airport line twitpic.com/8w5p0k

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