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March 25th, 2012

@pammoran absolutely - shared memories looking at the stars & talking in the evenings are priceless :-)

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I added a few updates to my @goodreads profile wfryer.me/la

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New post: Expand your Constellation Knowledge with Star Walk for iPhone go.wfryer.me/GSIvcb

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@DarkJedi60 bummer :-( I think tomorrow night they will still be close together. 9 pm EST again… Hopefully no clouds for you then!

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If you’re in North America, go outside right now & checkout the dance of Venus, Jupiter & our moon - wow! ow.ly/1JeFN5

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@ransomtech I like the idea of using my longer cord XLR mic w the iPad even better tho

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@ransomtech have you tried it yet? Seen any other models? I just got the Apple Camera connection kit so I can use a USB mic w/ my iPad

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@ransomtech probably not, but I’m not enough of a “mic geek” (yet) to answer that definitively - @timwilson would know…

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MT @ransomtech $36 iOS converter for XLR mics & more bit.ly/xh6YUu (like an MAudio MobilePre 4 iPad/iPhone)

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@ransomtech wow - that looks SO sweet, and for just $36! Amazing. I’m going to love using 1 with my Shure XLR mic & long cord- thanks!

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@StackExchange What platform powers your Q&A sites? They are GREAT. Is it an open source tool?

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tonyvincent Talking Harry the Hedgehog is free right now. For iPad: tonyv.me/harrypad For iPhone/iPod touch: tonyv.me/harry

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RT @GoogleEarthWalk @wagnerlcisd @jenemitchell: Check out @DustyRoden ‘s first Google Earth Walk! bit.ly/GH2bwy

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