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April 7th, 2012

librarycongress Lewis and Clark left Fort Mandan for points west on this date in 1803. loc.gov/exhibits/lewis…

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iReading: Digital Preservation by @librarycongress wfryer.me/nv

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I made a YouTube playlist of those 4 Minecraft videos my son likes & wrote abwfryer.me/nu8k9r

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Minecraft Music Video Parodies wfryer.me/nt (family learning blog post by my son)

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New post: A Five Photo Story for this Week go.wfryer.me/HrpT1n

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@tvanderark so do you think all post-sec education is “pointless?” If not, what options do you think are valuable?

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intelwire So basically the NYT confirms that removing your laptop from your bag is security theater, worthless. nyti.ms/Hpyndt

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wbasinger RT @daveandcori: Chartle - free simple and interactive charts online

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Bummer @mangahigh is Flash-only :-(

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Just watched this video on Shufflr - 17 iPad Tips & Trishufl.me/zuGlyn6D6Mq

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My submission: Self-Portrait wfryer.me/ns

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I created this 8 min video today for Turning Point Ministries: House Dreams Come True In Edmond, Oklahoma wfryer.me/nr

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Updated post: Info Curation and Aggregation Services, Tools & Awfryer.me/nqIQlQ @LisaHodson4son@timstahmermstahmer

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98/366/2012 House Dreams Realized @ Edmond, OK instagr.am/p/JIDS6rOgOI/

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New post: Info Curation and Aggregation Services, Tools & Ago.wfryer.me/Hv0DctzOg0

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iReading: The Real Shift is Not Technology wfryer.me/np via @willrich45 (iPads in school can be new wine in old skins)

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I’m sharing my highlights & notes for “Getting Smart”@tvanderarkrark on Amazon Kinwfryer.me/kinFN2D (follow & jome!) #fb

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