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April 10th, 2012

TitanicRealTime Everything is clear and no problems to report – let’s hope every night is as incident free as this one.

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New post: Teaching with an iPad in Minnesota About Playing With Media go.wfryer.me/HArDWl

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clifmims iPad Literature Circles ow.ly/1KkcyL

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mcleod Rep of Finland Ed Ministry We aren’t much interested in PISA. We prepare children to learn how to learn, not how to take a test.

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@ColleenKR excellent! I like Vimeo 2 4 a student video “sandbox” & showcase, it has less comments generally than YouTube, that can B a +

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USB foam desktop missile launcher wfryer.me/ob @ Penn Square Mall instagr.am/p/JQoxmdOgB8/

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iReading: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained wfryer.me/oa by @ColleenKR (lessons with stopmotion video in grade 9

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TitanicRealTime Still tempering the engines but we’ll soon be able to put her to the test. The vast open stretches of the Atlantic are to come.

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@techsavvyteach I just setup my first cronjob in cpanel for the install- pushing the edge of my geek knowledge… good stuff tho :-)

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@techsavvyteach not sure why those 2 “early tweets” are showing up… I probably can delete them in mysql at some point…

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marks Follow @TitanicRealTime—it just left Southampton, 100 years ago, and something might happen in five days.

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My personal Twitter archive powered by Tweet Nest is now fully functional wfryer.me/tw h/t @graulund

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Video clips from the Frozen Planet series by @Discovery are free online wfryer.me/o9

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@arguhlin you should share some of your creative writing examples on a blog. The world needs to see your linguistic creativity & skills! :-)

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@TheCommonsMG it does remain to be seen how this will play out, but I think we can be confident our info will be “used” by FB 4 marketing

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Unchained Reaction looks like a great new related series on @Discovery wfryer.me/o8 via Amy Loeffelholz

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Great free tool to create offline backups of your media on different sites: @SocialFolders wfryer.me/o7 via @mashable

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Oh no, I think this is BAD news: Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion wfryer.me/o6 via @mashable

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@vltreadway that sounds great - what’s the direct link? @drezac

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@techyturner yes I am, and looking forward to it! See you there!

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I joined @TheCity2_0 & created a profile pwfryer.me/o4U0qV Learn mowfryer.me/o5htcvity

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Any students posting stories to a blog? @drezac wants to know!

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@drezac student digital text examples here but not all stories ow.ly/1KibYp

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@drezac enhanced ePub ebook examples here, but just links on posts ebooks.playingwithmedia.com

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@mguhlin has your daughter posted her stories / creative writing on a blog? @drezac wants the link if so :-)

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@drezac are you looking for multi-chapter creative stories written by students on blogs, or single essay stories?

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101/366/2012 Library Digital Audio instagr.am/p/JPRKuEOgCM/

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