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April 23rd, 2012

iReading: Dropbox update adds public links to any file or folder via @TUAW

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114/366/2012 Prepared by the Mad Cows [patrol] @ Stephenson Park

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RT @courosa: “Harvard Library to faculty: we’re going broke unless you go open access”

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I just unlocked the Level 3 “Pizzaiolo” badge on @Foursquare! Sweet!

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@ARJalali according to @DatamationSys it works for general settings but not email credentials

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iReading: Sweet Brown from OKC video remix meme via @knowyourmeme

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iPad cart sync ?: Is there a way to enter email credentials once & copy them to all iPads, or do I need to enter them separately on each?

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@posterous please disregard previous message - I figured out the problem (user error) the iPad was using my admin email credentials to send!

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@posterous Email submission posts to a new blog I setup with a teacher aren’t going into a moderation queue. Ideas/help needed!

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@Grovo offers Techie tutorial videos on a wide range of topics, many free via @rmbyrne

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Great article! Yukon [high school] student becomes eBook author via @NewsOK

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iReading: Student candidate allegedly hacks his own election results…

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