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May 2nd, 2012

The Stars as viewed from the ISS - awesome!!!…

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@timwilson ok thanks - I passed along their site to my friend who is looking for that solution…

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@timwilson I love your new mower, btw :-)

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@timwilson can you create custom scripts that send SMS alerts with @nagiosinc ? Like when a MySQL database condition changes?

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iReading: Harvard and M.I.T. Team Up to Offer Free Online Courses via @courosa

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shareski Thanks 4 the “great moments in edtech history” tweets Still want yours. What was your favorite moment in edtech history? @techlearning

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Flashback post, 2 years ago: NCLB was designed to define public schools as failures (same goes for RTTT now)

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@jed @timwilson @polleverywhere I’d love your ideas on this SMS gateway / GSM modem question for SMS alerts

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New post: Server Alerts Via SMS Gateway or GSM Modem: Unique Identifier Question

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@jaxiwest great! Glad that post was helpful

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@rmbyrne I just commented on @Larryferlazzo ‘s post about Postrank, actually. I’m quite bummed Google killed it :-(

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Just registered a new domain for a media camp I’ll offer twice this summer - uploading now! :-)

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@rmbyrne Have you found a good replacement / alternative to PostRank’s blog widget, now that Google killed it?

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gcouros Something that can help those with Apple TV trying to hook up to a projector without HDMI: Kanex ATV Pro

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courosa “my hosting/publishing/sharing setup” by @dlnorman via @Downes

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budtheteacher The St. Vrain DLC Share Fair Video Archive is now live.…

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Have resources on keyboarding? Grade level to formally start? What to expect? Best software / websites? @jrommel wants to know!

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New post: Lessons Learned From An Immediate Social Network Sharing Button

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