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May 3rd, 2012

Something is messed up with @SlideShare tonight, so I’m giving @SlideRocket a try for the 1st time - h/t @dkuropatwa

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iReading: iBooks Author video demo / howto

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mcleod Just like many students… Documentary ‘The War on Kids’ compares U.S. public schools to prison system via @adambellow

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karlfisch Join us tomorrow from 9:30 to 10:30 am as our students skype with @DanielPink ustream

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RT @tomwhitby My latest post & Survey as I prepare to attend SIIA conference: Vendors: Villains or Visionaries?

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MT @elh new Search Education released by Google

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wolfcalledlaura Remembering May 3, 1999 today.

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E_Sheninger Going paperless: tips for organizing your digital file cabinet

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@teacher24_70 our workaround today was finding what pages their classes’ ebook posts were on, & changing the page # in the URL

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@teacher24_70 I tried that with Google advanced search but it didn’t work :-(

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124/366/2012 KidBlog Writing on iPads

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mbteach What Works for Differentiating Instruction in Elementary Schools via @edutopia

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Learning lots working w 6th graders today, using iPad cart, linking enhanced eBooks (made w Book Creator) to their KidBlog sites

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I’m very frustrated that searches don’t work at all on my @posterous blogs - We have students that need to search them today! Ideas?

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@jed so do you have a software solution you like that interfaces with your GSM modem for sending SMS alerts?

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