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May 21st, 2012

142/366/2012 Digital Biology Textbook @ Yukon High School

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Best sushi & dining experience in OKC is definitely @PachinkoParlor - it’s 1 of our top/fav restaurants in the city!

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@eataroundokc Glad to find you thanks to @DustinJohnson21 ! You have a mobile app in the works?

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DustinJohnson21 Great scenes of respect between the and as hugs and congrats between players end a hard fought series.

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@angelbestwick are you writing on an academic blog? Where are you teaching now?

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New post: iPad Notetaking: NOT Impressed with PaperPort Notes App

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@DustinJohnson21 that’s great! We’ve got a mouse in the show too! Hope to see you before or after a rehearsal :-) We LOVE

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okcthunder Thunder takes series with 106-90 win over Lakers. On to San Antonio this w/end for WC Finals. Live postgame show @

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Just ordered tickets for the Cinderella musical at for June shows! (our girls are in it!)

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1 of the best examples of HS science digital curriculum in Oklahoma! Pre-AP Biology by @MistyKWilliams

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@westmooreapbio bummer :-( We didn’t go at all last summer but want to this year. Were campgrounds open?

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@WestmooreAPBio Our family loves camping in the Jemez area too. I see you went last weekend. Was it affected by last summer’s fires much?

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Fantastic example of HS science teacher @WestmooreAPBio using digital curriculum: via @MistyKWilliams (Moore, OK)

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Great HS science resources by @paulandersen: Bozeman Science! via @MistyKWilliams

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@cogdog thanks for sharing - I didn’t have a specific example in mind for that, just wondering if you’d had mis-steps w/

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nice free blog video widget: Daiko’s Video Widget

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Require free access over the Internet to scientific journal articles arising from taxpayer-funded research. (I signed)

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Join @cogdog now LIVE in ElluminateLive talking about digital identity via @Durff

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creativecommons Sign the U.S. Petition to Support Public Access to Publicly Funded Scientific Research -

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iReading: Congress pulls plug on Pell Grants; thousands of students affected…

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School Money Machine @ Yukon High School

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@alicebarr What is the flashcard site your students in Yarmouth love using?

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Deadline to submit a lesson plan video in the 2012 STEMIE Awards / contest is May 31! via @MHEducation

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@thestorywithdg right, I heard that show and loved it! This would be a focus on parent-organized grassroots advocacy to open school filters

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iSchoolAdvocate We are planning a NATIONWIDE tour to Reform Education! 21 cities this summer! — iSchool Initiative

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@thestorywithdg thanks :-) I LOVE your show btw, 1 of my fav podcasts. Would love for you to address school filtering!

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This sounds like a great multi-day workshop in VT! Building Digital Curriculum and eTextbooks

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Jonah Lehrer @jonahlehrer has 1 of the most creative & wonderful book author professional websites I’ve seen to date

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Added to my Amazon “read soon” wish list: Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer via Curby Alexander

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