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May 24th, 2012

@march4teachers absolutely. I think it was a very traumatic event that left a scar :-(

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Watching: @SirKenRobinson - Educating the Heart and Mind

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A 4H Prize Turned Nightmare [VIDEO] (My vid 4 yesterday’s @DS106TDC Daily Create: tell a family legend)

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Just added my first annotation to a YouTube video (to correct a silly recording mistake)

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Great veteran storytelling movie coming to DVD later this month: Memorial Day via @KansasNana

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Just had a nice skype chat with @jjash - shared @DS106TDC with her. Hopefully we’ll see some new Australians posting in the Daily Create!

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145/366/2012 behold: the destroyer of corn

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saylordotorg Historian H.R. Trevor-Roper said Africa had no history before European arrival. How wrong was he? Take to find out!

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@technolibrary I agree. I’d like to see aggregated stats on how many state & fed legislators sent/are sending their kids to public schools

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@tgalvez good luck with the rollout! Encourage them to play with media & create some personal media products for family members!

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HallDavidson Think it effects achievement? Children being raised by extended family members rose 18% over past decade, report finds:

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I started reading “Imagine: How Creativity Works” by @jonahlehrer on my iPad tonight, it’s going to be a great read!

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New post: Directly Download an Enhanced ePUB eBook to Your iPad

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June 2007 TechEdge column flashback: Join the Global Education Conversation

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@okeducation I’m on that page too. Lots of agendas… Unfortunately not all of them are good for kids :-(

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DrEscotet RT @qui_oui: “Stop Consuming Education and Learn Creatively”: Great talk from by @k88hudson

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DrEscotet Wall Street’s Investment in School Reform by @DianeRavitch - Week —

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@okeducation Who is behind the curtain tweeting & blogging in your channels?

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Dusty Sun @ Yukon Schools Administration Building

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New post: YouTube is the new Cable Channel Platform

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new post: YouTube is the new Cable Channel Platform

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gigaommedia Harry Potter’s publishing wand can tame Amazon, pirates

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