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July 17th, 2012

198/366/2012 Tripod-Supported iPad Videography @ First Presbyterian Church

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PocketShare Live on @ustream: Jim Singleton, President of Fellowship of Presbyterians discussing the new ECO denomination

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197/366/2012 Taste The Truth @ Church’s Chicken

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@barblcohen Have you used Screenflow software for screencasting on a Mac? @mathtrain definitely does amazing work w students!

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amyburvall Blog reflection- MIT Media Lab: Scratch Session with Mitch Resnick

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lyricalaardvark If you can do everything you are currently doing without technology, then you have imaginitive failure.

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daithi ‘Ask pupils what are you learning, not what are you doing?’ @tombarrett gives great example of game changing question.

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MT @dmurray742 If you do nothing else in the first 5 days, teach research skills & critical thinking on the internet by @globalearner

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Good examples of storytelling! Arrow Boy Episode 1 & Episode 2 @thedivorg

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An incoming 3rd grader created this story last night for fun: Friend’s House @thedivorg

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1 of our incoming 6th graders in Scratch Camp at @thedivorg created this story last night: A Shark’s Snack

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My “About Me” project I created today during day 2 of Scratch Camp at @thedivorg

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@bjfr I agree it makes sense to 2limit focus. Similar to @MarzanoResearch 4 teacher eval. Can’t adequately look at too many simultaneously

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visualartsaggie Phyllis taught me to add the kewlest Amazon store page to my FB Page. Instructions/samples:

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@Mystika indeed - I wish I had such admirable powers of persuasion with just my eyes! :-)

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@mzallieosin many times, however, I think ours are primarily motivated by their stomachs. Rare they manage to transcend mere instincts :-)

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@mzallieosin He certainly could have been
moved by more complex motives - dogs can exhibit great intuition & sometimes surprising wisdom!

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MT @bjfr Most technology instruction in K12 schools today addresses ISTE NETS#6. Schools should be focusing NETS#1-5 (hear, hear!)

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eshileman Linked: Don’t Use Khan Academy without Watching this First - via Education Week |

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@marcuswalker That is GREAT to hear! We’ll be learning different techniques for telling stories in Tuesday!

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Curriculum / activities for day 2 of camp this week at @thedivorg in Edmond, OK

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