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July 21st, 2012

211/366/2011 Scratch Game Design Fun @ The Div

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elemenous Call for Proposals for the 2012 Global Education Conference! Submit yours today to schedule early!

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MT @wmchamberlain Would love to see you at if you have the time. September 22

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@wmchamberlain thanks 4 the invite & heads-up. I’ll see. There is talk of a Feb 2013 & the organizers need to attend others 1st!

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mrs_hembree Amazing! Video clips to get the conversation started at your schools

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@CathyHouchin @scout7 @gwashburne @shareski Sounds like is off to a great start! :-)

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MT @dmdanker: Hey Tweeps, is July 27, 5:00, at VZD’s. Come join me - Who’s w/us?

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New post: Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Store: A Click Away from “Adult” Content

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Greenfoot is open source Java development software via Susie Brooks @TCEA Region 6

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@christycate @R14TechBytes The Scratch projects Rachel was sharing today for the @TCEA board are on

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@scitechyEDU you are most welcome, thanks to @TCEA for the opportunity to share ideas today :-)

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scout2i “If your students all create something that looks the same they are really not creating.” @wfryer

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scout2i “too many people today believe in the power of technology rather than the power of words and passionate people” @wfryer

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RT @R14TechBytes: “No technology is tremendous unless it can be abused.” (quotation source is @kevin2kelly )

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RT @scout2i: “we should all have some form of working in our schools even if its an after school program” @wfryer YES!

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RT @R14TechBytes: Check out the teach! @wfryer (it’s Rachel!)

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RT @scout2i: “What are you MAKING in your classroom? If you are not making are you learning?” @wfryer

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Nook Kids - B&N getting ideas from the Apple Store! (@ Barnes & Noble w/ 3 others) [pic]:

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