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August 15th, 2012

@akbusybee no unfortunately she could come - school started Aug 1 for @OKCPS !

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@LeaAnne sounds great! What is the link to your iTunesU course?

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stevelackmeyer Preliminary designs presented for downtown Oklahoma City elementary okne.ws/NH5MhA @NewsOK

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MT @21stCenturyTch Google Launches YouTube Curriculum to Educate Students on Digital Citizenship [VIDEO] wfryer.me/1dm

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TParks This is awesome! Take a virtual tour of Mars on your iPhone or iPad cnet.co/MyYJve via @CNET @NASA

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“The young know less, which is why they often invent more.” via @jonahlehrer

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@akbusybee thanks - the drive home was uneventful :-)

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“Our results showed when solvers rated the problem as outside their own field they were more likely 2 discover the answer” via @jonahlehrer

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@gsemblat true on quality, but direct uploading & sharing with tools like @audioboo can be transformative @lisaneale

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Inc 9 brilliant inventions that were created by mistake: ow.ly/cZ8cp via @timdonnelly

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RT @edu_Mac_nation: “How to Roll Out a 1:1 iPad Program” by @edutopia wfryer.me/1dl

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Innocentive invites companies to crowdsource & incentivize solutions to big challenges wfryer.me/1dk

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I’m at I40 E (Yukon, OK) 4sq.com/NnzZTy

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mwacker Still kinda blows my mind that these will be charged and good for like ten hours this quickly! pic.twitter.com/d1IFGzwj

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bryanjack Carrying Stones and creating a place we might belong | Initial reflections on bryanjack.ca/2012/08/15/car…

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HeidiSiwak Powerfu! Watch how a community in Brazil transformed itself. walkoutwalkon.net/brazil/ What matters.

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I’m at Elk City, OK (Elk City, OK) 4sq.com/RXbtxY

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New post: What is it about me you can’t teach? Five Simple Things to Reach Struggling Learners go.wfryer.me/N0D2ps

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Watching a powerful video: And Still I Rise by Maya Angelou wfryer.me/1di

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Example using rhythm & song in 6th gr science: The ENERGY Song- Mr. Edmonds “That’s the Way - I Like It” wfryer.me/1dh [VIDEO]

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@toddlucier that evening experience was a BIG highlight for me!

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Lola West teaching at the i3 Conference in Amarillo [PIC] wfryer.me/1dg

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@tlonganecker Great to meet you today - so glad to also connect on Twitter :-)

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TxPrincipalOrg Updated our list of District (and Regional) Twitter chat channels texasprincipal.org/index.php/prin…. Thanks @tlonganecker

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JacobMayer_AGN Region 16 teachers, what do you think of the conference? What have you learned or hope to learn today?

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Ready for the i3 Conference today! (@ Amarillo Civic Center) 4sq.com/MZFkoI

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