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August 19th, 2012

@glovely just left a comment for you wfryer.me/1e6 :-) Sending blogging encouragement your way tonight!

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KatieOsgood_ FAQ on the Controversial Film Won’t Back Down: What Parents Need to Know huff.to/RWA2Lr via @HuffPostEdu

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@mattdanner you find any thumb wrestling challenge takers in O’Hare?!

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Added to my reading list: The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs (1961) wfryer.me/1e5 via @jonahlehrer

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KLirenman Tomorrow, Aug 20th, I will be the @ConnectedEd tweeter of the day. DM me any words of wisdom to tweet.

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jackiegerstein New post: Learning on the Edge wp.me/pKlio-Sl

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The @TeslaMotors Series X car looks awesome, shipping in 2014 wfryer.me/1e4

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iReading: Five things I’ve learned from 20 years of email wfryer.me/1e3 via @jank0 @gigaom

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iEngagedTeacher @cbell619 Showbie Launches iPad App, Bets On Tablets As Center of the Digital Classroom betak.it/jAy

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roryfundora Saddest thing I heard today in my meeting, we don’t have time to reach digital citizenship because it’s not on the test. Wow! State of edu!

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New post: Reconsider Your Neutral Brainstorming Assumptions go.wfryer.me/PKhWeI

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@rsu16tech thanks! I just spoke to another Chromebook user today who recommended the Samsung over Acer b/c of screen size, I’m considering 1

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@KansasNana wow, I’m not wild about Microsoft products but those are helpful free eBook collections. Thanks! :-)

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@jsklm @rmbyrne yes indeed - that was a big part of - it was great to step away from all screens!

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I helped Sarah with is/of percentage proportion problems tonight, she taught me guitar basics from her intro class at @OKCPS

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jamestsanders The LEGO Story! Love this short animated film about the history of LEGO youtu.be/NdDU_BBJW9Y

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“it is the exchanges we don’t expect, with the people we just met, that will change the way we think about everything” by @jonahlehrer

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ErinLittle Yay! The videos are coming. RT @NorthernEdge: I just uploaded “Lorna Constantini ” on Vimeo: bit.ly/NUkou9

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@ipadio thanks for the reply, both @joedale & I will dance a happy dance if you fix your iPad app!!!

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@shamblesguru I’ve had to languish too many hours struggling to remove Windoze-based malware to doubt the reality of “The Dark Side” :-(

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“The secret of Pixar… has been its emphasis on teamwork, this belief U can learn a lot from coworkers” by Alvy Ray Smith via @jonahlehrer

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“the most innovative teams are a mixture of the familiar & the unexpected” by @jonahlehrer in Imagine: How Creativity Works

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iWatched: ‘NASA Lands Car-sized Rover on Martian Surface’ Video: goo.gl/cI01M via

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