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August 20th, 2012

232/366/2012 Happy Birthday Smiles! instagr.am/p/OkZ8CeugMK/

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@fzzxtchr I’d be interested too, either to speak or learn at the feet of @courosa :-)

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New post: Cross-Posting Audio Podcasts & Phonecasts from Cinch to iPadio go.wfryer.me/Ps4cnH

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I’ve cross-posted the cinch.fm recording of my Jan 30th preso “Going Mobile with WordPress” to @ipadio wfryer.me/1e8

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free URL shortener 4 @MyBigCampus isn’t blocked by @lightspeedsys content filter: mbcurl.me (doesn’t keep link metrics tho)

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Interested in teaching / working for @YukonDistrict (west of Oklahoma City)? All vacancies are posted online wfryer.me/1e7

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New post: Working Behind a Filter: Resolve Shortened URLs with Unshort.me go.wfryer.me/SdhGEr

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@jsklm I think the learning revolution is well underway! :-)

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Attending Aug 29th @smartstartok conference? If so, PLEASE blog notes for Phyllis Hudecki’s 9am preso on Oklahoma School Readiness Index!

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@MikeGras thanks - you are reading your links correctly! :-)

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Important 7:15 meeting today w/ Sarah’s math teacher, counselor & assistant principal (@ Classen SAS) 4sq.com/QSg9PW

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rogerschank What You Need to Know About MOOCs chronicle.com/moocs you also need to know that more students in same old awful courses is no improvement

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educationweek Blog, Hess: The Khan Academy: Distinguishing the App Store From the Apps bit.ly/PM2H4S

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