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August 24th, 2012

I started sharing my Instagram photos under a Creative Commons license. Join me and set your Instagram free!

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MT @SCHWIE I started sharing Instagram photos w @creativecommons license like @cogdog @courosa Set your Instagram free!

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MT @gigabarb: earnings recap. One word: yikes!… (what an incredible contrast to Apple now!)

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storytellin Jack Dorsey on becoming a better storyteller! :: Lean Sales and Marketing thru Service Design Thinking:

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@grabe but where are the Android apps for K12 edu? A $200 device without great apps is like a new vacuum cleaner sans electricity…

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Opening keynote at Games 4 Change in June by John Paul Gee via @…

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@jjash yikes! Maybe later, we’ll keep ours for now :-)

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Added to my eBook reading list: Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain
by @davideagleman

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iReading: ‘Incognito’: What’s Hiding In The Unconscious Mind by @NPR via @Larryferlazzo

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good Four ways QR codes could revolutionize education

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Astro_Jose Watch the Curiosity landing in HD here.
Vean el aterrizaje de el rover “Curiosidad” en alta definicion aqui:…

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Oklahoma City Sky A-Glow @ Bricktown District

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Bricktown OKC Summer Sunset @ Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

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THIS is great summer weather for Oklahoma (finally!!!)

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I’ve had a GREAT day with @drwilson re-writing our 2 day workshop curriculum for @storychasers for iPad-based digital storytelling!

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iReading: Appy Friday! Chirp by @glovely (great free to share links in class)

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@snappity that’s great to hear! Have you blogged about your experiences with Canvas so far? I’d love to read/learn more! :-)

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Canvas is an open, cloud-based LMS that looks better than Moodle in some respects via @drwilson

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Awesome tip from @drwilson: Setup & use multiple Google accounts within your same Chrome browser!

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Chirp=free for sharing websites & files between iOS devices using unique sounds/songs (chirps) via @glovely

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I published a narrated slideshow with @educreations for iPad: What Do You Want To CREATE Today?

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@schedulicity is a flexible web-based scheduling system via @drwilson (good for individuals or groups)

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@Leachteach I’m glad you received some good suggestions - please keep me posted & let me know what you all study / how it goes! :-)

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@McTeach thank YOU for sharing it! Great ideas, I’m going to pass them along to our @YukonDistrict teachers too! :-)

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iReading: U.S. Anti-Doping Agency to slap Armstrong with lifetime ban, loss of titles by @CNN

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Approaching the city from the south @ SkyDancer Bridge

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237/366/2012 A Reaching Spire @ First Presbyterian Church

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