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September 14th, 2012

1st visit - 12 piece fried chicken w/ honey - yum! (@ bobo’s) [pic]:

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@coolcatteacher I’ll follow up with her & let you know. It was very strange, I hadn’t seen that situation before

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@jannikejannike I just commented on your post about LMS vs open platforms like blogs :-)

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I saw the movie 2016: Obama’s America tonight (very insightful, but I disagree w some of @DineshDSouza ‘s analysis)

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@ScottElias Yes, good idea tho. I checked & it was her photo roll images, not photo stream. I suspect an iTunes photo sync issue…

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@coachk No, she was going right to the photos app from the home screen.

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@RaiderEducation yes, 5.1.1 - so it was another setting…

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@KevinByers I suspect they were but wasn’t sure

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@michellek107 Yep, I think she had synced from iTunes. That was my suggestion to her to check. It was really strange to not trash icons…

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@coolcatteacher No, she was running iOS 5.1.1, so it wasn’t a firmware upgrade issue. Thanks for the suggestion tho :-)

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256/366/2012 iOS Marketing Coincidence @ Mercy Health Edmond Memorial

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Important questions on text messaging & tech in our lives

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Help needed: Someone in my iPad workshop doesn’t have a trash can icon in photos to delete photos— Why? How can she delete iPad photos?

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