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October 31st, 2012

299/366/2012 Skeleton Sweetie instagr.am/p/Rd_tutugB1/

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Trick-or-treat neighborhood shuttle instagr.am/p/Rd6w-pOgKf/

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The zoo which is our neighborhood on Halloween instagr.am/p/Rd6nj7ugKR/

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@acarvin yep. Just snapped that pic in the checkout line at Walgreens in our neighborhood :-(

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Bottom Barrel Journalism @ Walgreens instagr.am/p/Rd1daNOgD7/

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k12online Good news: @blip got servers back up around noon CST today. All our videos are again accessible! iTunesU versions weren’t affected by Sandy!

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blip downtime update: We’re back online now. Any further lingering issues will be posted to @bliphelp. Thanks for your patience!

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ithemesed new post: Custom Post Types & Taxonomies in WordPress bit.ly/Q7l4D0 h/t @KristenWright_ @williamsba @kovshenin

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iReading: Four Ways To Differentiate Objectives wfryer.me/1v1 by @ByrdseedGifted explaining “The Differentiator” wfryer.me/1uo

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@Dragon09 yes, that was a great pic & an amazing time! Did you see @kevinhoneycutt when he was in NZ recently?

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EdCampOKC New post: Feb 23 EdCampOKC Location Confirmed: Yukon High School goo.gl/70erQ

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blip @wfryer Sorry about that! We’re experiencing downtime due to Hurricane Sandy. We’ll post updates as we get them.

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Lots of 3rd graders sharing facts about VAMPIRE BATS with @audioboo in Mrs. Bounds’ @YukonDistrict classroom! wfryer.me/1v0

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ByrdseedGifted Halloween themed illusions - scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id…

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@ByrdseedGifted thank YOU for creating/sharing such a great tool! Do U have a blog post link that tells the backstory about its development?

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new post: Innovative Learning Institute in Norman: Nov 6, 2012 wfryer.me/1uz (plan to attend Tues! @garystager in the house!)

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@bryanhughes according to that page multiple logins for Google Drive just work on Android at this point… :-(

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Today is the last day to request an absentee ballot to vote in Oklahoma wfryer.me/1uy

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k12online @blip is having network trouble today - remember all videos are also available directly from iTunesU! bitly.com/cqxnAA

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@Dragon09 I’m not sure… is it possible to share/find a direct link to that pic?

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iReading: How to use Google Drive with more than one Google Account wfryer.me/1ux

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@blip Looks like your site is down & has been for at least an hour, any update on status?

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RT @k12online: New post: Creating and Playing in Minecraft bit.ly/QU3QWF (that’s my boy!)

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k12online New post: K12Online12 Day 8 Presentations: 31 October 2012 bit.ly/QU3ZJJ

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iReading: Learning Without Us wfryer.me/1uw by @glovely (important questions about teacher roles in tech-filled world)

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@glovely I’ll check out your post, thanks :-)

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@DrConnieHebert very cool! It looked like a very relevant book for me :-)

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@Readmill indeed I shall! REALLY looking forward to using your ebook highlight & comment sharing features!

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iReading: First iPad Mini Reviews: “Shockingly Nice to Hold”, Non-Retina Display, Pricier than Rivals wfryer.me/1uv by @MacRumors

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